Covid Italy and Lombardy today, Wednesday 6 October: data on infections and deaths

Covid Italy and Lombardy today, Wednesday 6 October: data on infections and deaths
Covid Italy and Lombardy today, Wednesday 6 October: data on infections and deaths

The coronavirus case curve continues to decline, in Italy as well as in the world. This is confirmed by today’s data for our country – 3,235 cases and 39 deaths, with a positivity rate of 1.1%, slightly higher than yesterday – but also the WHO’s balance sheet on the global trend of the pandemic. In the week from 27 September to 3 October – as documented in the WHO Covid-19 weekly report – Over 3.1 million new cases have been reported worldwide and just over 54,000 new deaths. This means that cases this week decreased by 9% compared to the previous week, while the deaths remained similar.

The situation in Italy / PDF

Today, Wednesday 6 October, there are 3,235 new cases and 39 deaths. The positivity rate is slightly increasing and returns to rise above 1%, albeit slightly. AND’ all’1,1%, with 301,773 swabs carried out. The number of hospitalized people is decreasing, in intensive care (-18) and in the ordinary wards (-96). Yesterday, Tuesday 5 October, there were 2,466 new cases and 50 deaths.

The point in Lombardy

Cases in Lombardy are increasing, at least as regards the absolute number. Today there are 449. Yesterday, Tuesday 5 October, there were 288 new positives and seven deaths in the region. Slight increase in admissions to intensive care: with 4 more admissions we are at 63, while the number of hospitalized in ordinary wards decreases (in all 351, 7 less than yesterday). There are 2 deaths registered on the same day. This is the increase in cases by province: 143 in Milan (71 of which in the city), 69 in Brescia, 58 Monza and Brianza, 37 Varese, 29 Cremona, 26 Bergamo, 20 Como, 17 Pavia, 10 Sondrio, 7 Lodi and Lecco. The positivity rate is 0.8% (54,574 swabs were analyzed).

The other regions

Here is the balance of today’s day, on the front of new infections and deaths. Let’s start from Walk where there are 73 new cases of positivity and one more death, which brings the total to 3,080 victims since the beginning of the pandemic in the region overlooking the Adriatic Sea. There Calabria, on the other hand, it is above the average of the Italian positivity rate by more than one percentage point (1.89% against 0.8%, the minimum since June): today there are 131 new infections, with two deaths. In Lazio the cases of the day are 245, with three victims. Employment in intensive care (-1) and ordinary departments (again -1) is decreasing.

In Puglia there are 143 new positives with good news on the death front: they were zero. As for the Campania cases are 272, 3 deaths. There are currently 15 people admitted to intensive care in the region. In Sardinia, the first region to become a white zone in Italy and then the protagonist of a “roller coaster” among the colors, the situation is stable: today there are 50 infected and one death. Below 100, as regards the cases of the day, too Abruzzo: there are 61, even here as in Puglia without even a death. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, between molecular swabs and rapid tests, today’s toll gives 111 new positives, without victims and with a drop in intensive care admissions, which amounted to 8.

Currently positive people in Tuscany, a region in which today there are 229 new cases with 5 deaths. The Veneto it remains one of the regions with the highest daily number of infected people, even if the situation can still be said to be under control: today the toll says 416, with 6 victims. Autonomous Province Chapter of Bolzano: in the face of 76 new cases, one death is to be registered. In the nearby province of Trentoinstead, there are 35 positives, with no deaths.

Contagions today in Piedmont there are 197: four deaths, none of which date back to today. Hospitalized patients decreased, both those in intensive care (-3) and those in ordinary wards (-16). There are 281 cases of the day Emilia Romagna, with five deaths. Among the deceased there are also two forty-year-olds, a 41-year-old from Modena and a 48-year-old from Bologna. Other numbers: in Basilicata there are 48 positives, with no deaths. No casualties even in Liguria, where the cases today are 67. Below the double digit la Valle d’Aosta: there are 6 positives of the day, with zero deaths.

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