Why vaccinate children too? Mantovani warns: “One in 7 risks long Covid”

“In children, one in seven, which is a lot, risks long-term consequences. There are excellent reasons to vaccinate everyone ». Alberto Mantovani, immunologist and scientific director of Humanitas in Milan, returned to the importance of vaccines also in relation to the new discoveries on antiviral drugs. “The good news on anti Covid drugs must not lead to underestimating the indispensability of vaccination,” said the immunologist in an interview with Press. The reference is mainly to Merck’s Molnupiravir pill, which “would only work in the first five days and in half of the cases.” In absolute terms, young people “have less need than adults to get vaccinated”, he stressed, but by doing so “they help community immunity and escape from the pandemic”. However, what worries him the most is the so-called long Covid, that is, the long-term effects of the disease that persist even in young people. Long Covid is of great concern. “This is a virus that it is better not to catch, because even in asymptomatic patients who are cured, 13 percent can have kidney, lung, heart problems, depression and fatigue.” Are there any long-term side effects of vaccines? “There can be no data on this – he stressed – but it has never happened that vaccines have given similar problems. Any side effects, more than bearable in this case, are always short-term ».

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vaccinate children Mantovani warns risks long Covid

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