life can go back to normal – Time

life can go back to normal – Time
life can go back to normal – Time

Giorgia Peretti

05 October 2021

Red light for the virus. Ilaria Capua says she is confident about Covid in the October 5 episode of “DiMartedì”: “We put it in a fence”. The professor and director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida intervenes in Giovanni Floris’ living room to sum up the progress of the pandemic, contained by vaccines, and relaunch the recovery of normality. The professor explains: “Pandemic phenomena have a phase of violent attack where they find all the green lights, because people don’t have antibodies, they don’t have tools to protect themselves. The only ones we had were the masks and social distancing “.

Then he goes on to underline the importance of a tool like the vaccine: “Now we in Italy have a very high percentage of vaccinated people and therefore we have finally managed to put it in the pen. What does it mean? It does not mean that the virus will go away, the virus is becoming endemic therefore it is passing from the pandemic ‘attack’ phase to the endemic phase which is of ‘hidden’ viral circulation like many other diseases we know ”. The virologist specifies that “we cannot let our guard down but we can say that we know we have tools now the virus is all red lights that have managed to confine it”.

During the winter the virus could make itself felt again but for Capua “life can return to normal”. The virus will be comparable to a common flu: “We must communicate to people that this virus will behave like a flu, therefore, it will cause clinical cases in unvaccinated people, it will also cause some clinical cases that are not serious in vaccinated people but in any case we can return sooner try not to be afraid anymore. Now in Italy, we have few deaths and even if there is some active circulation, we need to implement the tools we have that we know and resume normal life ”.

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