Covid Sardinia: after the outbreak, the lockdown returns to the village of Villamassargia

Covid Sardinia: after the outbreak, the lockdown returns to the village of Villamassargia
Covid Sardinia: after the outbreak, the lockdown returns to the village of Villamassargia

Villamassargia, a municipality in Sardinia located in the Sulcis-Iglesiente area, with just under 3,500 inhabitants, is back in lockdown due to coronavirus infections. This was decreed by an ordinance of the mayor, just as the Region has recently registered 280 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and the lowest RT in Italy (0.62).

The mayor’s order


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The territory of the small Sardinian municipality, therefore, falls back into the red zone after “the expansion of outbreaks with a number of infected persons equal to 34 compared to those found in the entire territory of Sulcis Iglesiente equal to a total of 94”, is law in the ordinance of the first citizen, Debora Porrà, through which it was decided to impose stringent containment measures. Among these, the municipal authorities have imposed to “limit all movements not strictly necessary for work, study or health and all occasions for gatherings, as provided for in the so-called red areas, for a period of no less than 10 days”.

The other measures

All citizens will be allowed to leave the house only with a compulsory mask and self-certification and a curfew will be imposed, starting from 10pm and until 5am the following day. All shops will be closed, excluding the sale of food and basic necessities, as well as pharmacies, parapharmacies, newsstands and tobacconists. The civil and religious events and demonstrations also stop, while the necessary movements will be allowed to ensure the conduct of teaching in presence within the limits set by the law. Finally, only one member of the family unit will be allowed, for no more than once a day, to move for the interventions necessary for the protection of plants and farmyard animals or for those reared.

The health situation in Sardinia

Meanwhile, according to the data recorded yesterday, October 4, in the last 24 hours in Sardinia there have been 36 new cases of positivity to Covid-19 (+16 compared to the previous day), based on 986 people tested. A total of 2,947 tests were processed, between molecular and antigenic, for a positivity rate of 1.2%. On the other hand, no victims were reported. But there are also an increase in patients admitted to intensive care units, or 17 (2 more than 24 hours before), while those hospitalized in the medical area are 110 (3 more than the previous day). There are 1,838 cases of home isolation in all (-26, compared to the previous day).


Covid Sardinia outbreak lockdown returns village Villamassargia

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