Green Pass Covid, deputy chief Schilirò: Illegitimate, violates the Constitution

“The green pass is illegitimate, it violates our Constitution and I have sworn on the Constitution. I not only have the right to express my ideas, but also and above all the duty”. This is what he claimed a It is not the Arena Deputy Commissioner Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, subjected to disciplinary proceedings after intervening on the stage in Piazza San Giovanni, in Rome, during the demonstration against the green pass. “The first thing I did when I went on stage was to say that I am a free citizen, so I was demonstrating like anyone else. Please let me know if a policeman can no longer express their ideas,” she concluded. (ALL THE UPDATES – MAPS AND GRAPHICS OF CONTAGIONS IN ITALY AND IN THE WORLD – VACCINE DATA IN ITALY)


Green Pass Covid deputy chief Schilirò Illegitimate violates Constitution

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