Covid, new death record in Russia. In India after seven months the infections fall, Argentina reopens to tourists from Brazil and Chile

Covid, new death record in Russia. In India after seven months the infections fall, Argentina reopens to tourists from Brazil and Chile
Covid, new death record in Russia. In India after seven months the infections fall, Argentina reopens to tourists from Brazil and Chile

For over two months now, Covid has been killing more and more people in Russia. And every week a new death record is set. In fact, in the last 24 hours they have been recorded in the country 852 deaths, the highest number since the crisis started always to be the official figures. The low percentage of vaccinated population was the first to develop and authorize a vaccine, the Sputnik V, which was not approved in Europe (even the obligation to vaccinate for those working in public services in some regions), few countermeasures, low information.

The data released by the authorities certify 41 million complete, double-dose immunizations, and 47 million with a single dose. Not enough for a population of about 146 million inhabitants where the Delta variant it is now 99% prevalent. The green pass is not required and access is free for restaurants, bars, swimming pools, theaters, cinemas, museums. The masks and spacing, however required, are not respected practices. No one in Russia talks about renewed impulses for the vaccination strategy and, indeed, the emphasis is now all on natural herd immunity. “I think the vaccination campaign may end before winter,” noted the director general of the DNKOM center for molecular genetics, Andrei Isayev. “The coronavirus continues to change immunity therefore, particularly through vaccination, it can become irrelevant with regard to the new strains.”

For the first time in almost seven months, however, theIndia yesterday registered less than 20 thousand new cases of positivity. The figure, accompanied by the tally of 179 deaths, is the lowest in 201 days. The trend of the last few weeks remains reconfirmed, which concentrates the largest number of active cases in the state of Kerala, 157,733, down however compared to the previous day. India ranks second in the world for infections after United States and the third for deaths, after Usa e Brazil. At the end of 2020 the so-called Delta variant (B.1.617.2, one of the three sub-strains of B.1.617) was identified in the country, while in June the Delta plus variant (AY.1, which has the K417N mutation) emerged. . In mid-January the government launched the national vaccination campaign, which in the last two months has restarted with momentum after a period of difficulty and organizational stalemate: the doses administered so far are over 870 million. Over 10 million vaccines were injected yesterday alone.

L’Argentina reopened its two main land border crossings with Brazil and Chile and received the first tourists from the two countries, in a pilot plan for “safe borders” launched after more than a year and a half of closed borders for the coronavirus pandemic such as reports the state agency Telam. “After 560 days and thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaignand, we have begun to open borders safely. A joy! ”, Florencia Carignano, the national director of Migration in Argentina, wrote on Twitter.
The government of Alberto Fernandez authorized the entry of tourists from Chile and Brazil through two safe corridors from yesterday until September 30: one in Misiones (on the Tancredo Neves bridge and at the Puerto Iguazú airport) and another in Mendoza, at the Los Libertadores international pass. This is a “pilot test of frontier tourism”, which in both cases (Brazil and Chile) also concerns Argentines or residents who have stayed in those countries in the last 14 days. Carignano to CNN confirmed that from 1 October the citizens of neighboring countries will be able to enter Argentina, while from 1 November the entry of visitors from all over the world is authorized with complete vaccination against the coronavirus, in addition to a PCR test carried out “between the fifth and seventh day “from their arrival.

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