From the third dose to stadiums, cinemas and theaters: what changes

From the third dose to stadiums, cinemas and theaters: what changes
From the third dose to stadiums, cinemas and theaters: what changes

Italy begins to breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to the speed and punctual organization of the vaccination campaign led by Figliuolo, we can say that in our country, the pandemic is undergoing an important setback.

Italy, first signs of the end of the pandemic?

With a’incidence at 39.8%, and a contraction of new infections in the last week equal to 19.6%, Italy could soon see the end of the health emergency. The merit? Vaccines. Today, the 78% of Italians over 12 have been vaccinated: 42 million doses administered in our country.

A huge milestone, which continues with the launch of the third dose for some categories of people. “I can assure you that we have booster doses for all those who want them,” said the Covid emergency commissioner General Figliuolo. “Our scientific community has chosen to put our healthcare professionals in further protection and the booster dose will give even more impetus to vaccination coverage. Who is on the front line must be covered, considering time and age and who is older has priority ”.

We are seeing what happens in other countries. In Israel, for example, the third dose is being administered to everyone, and the results are there for all to see (here the data relating to the very high efficacy of the third dose in Israel). Those same numbers denied by the few no vax that still resist, yet so evident.

Third dose of vaccine, who it goes to now and how it works

The third dose, or “booster” doses of Covid-19 vaccine, now goes to:

  • seniors aged 80 or over
  • staff and guests of retirement homes
  • “At a later time”, health workers practicing health professions and health professionals who carry out their activities in public and private health, social and social welfare structures, pharmacies, parapharmacies and professional offices, starting from the age of 60 up, or with concomitant pathology such as to make them vulnerable to severe forms of Covid or with a high level of exposure to infection.

The third dose occurs for everyone with mRna vaccine, regardless of the vaccine used for the first and second dose (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson), considering the indications provided by the technical scientific commission of Aifa: for now it will therefore be possible to use any of the two m-Rna vaccines authorized in Italy as a dose booster (Cominarty di BioNTech / Pfizer or Spikevax from Moderna).

The booster dose should be administered after at least 6 months from the completion of the primary vaccination course. This is what the circular of the Ministry of Health, signed by the Director of Prevention Giovanni Rezza, provides. In line with what is highlighted by the CTS in its report, the strategy of administering a booster dose may also include subjects with high frailty motivated by concomitant / pre-existing pathologies, subject to the opinion of the regulatory agencies.

The strategy relating to the third dose of vaccine in favor of further target groups or the general population will be decided on the basis of the acquisition of new scientific evidence and the epidemiological trend. Meanwhile, AIFA has published a list of drugs that act on the immune system that must be considered for the selection of patients for whom the administration of the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine is indicated (here the complete list).

New CTS rules for stadiums, cinemas and theaters

Even with the reopening of schools, the system seems to hold up. Several quarantined classes along the boot, a clear sign that the isolation mechanism created works: it is useless to run after the headlines shot on the front page that sow terror. Schools were among the safest places ever last year, precisely because of the effective bubble system applied with great rigor in most Italian schools.

A situation so favorable that it also allowed the CTS to think new measures regarding stadiums, cinemas and theaters. The watchword is gradual relaxation of measures, but constant monitoring.

In a note from spokesperson for the CTS Silvio Brusaferro we read that, on the basis of the current positive evolution of the epidemiological situation and the progress of the vaccination campaign, the Committee believes that it is possible to consider easing the measures in place, while underlining the advisability of a gradual progression in reopening, “based on constant monitoring the trend of the epidemic combined with the progression of vaccination coverage as well as the effects of the reopening themselves “.

In the meantime, the green light has come from the Scientific Technical Committee to increase the capacity for sporting events and cultural activities.

Sporting events and stadiums

For the sporting events the Cts believes it is possible to proceed with gradual reopening of access for people with green passes to sporting events. In particular, he believes it is possible to foresee an increase in the maximum capacity of the structures, but only in white area:

  • 75% outdoors
  • indoors at 50%.

The CTS recommends that:

  • the capacity in the plants must be respected by using all sectors and not just a part in order to avoid the occurrence of gatherings in some areas
  • the indications for the use of surgical masks are respected during all phases of the events
  • there is a vigilance on the respect of the indications.

Cultural events, cinemas and theaters

For the cultural events, the CTS believes it is possible to proceed with gradual reopening of the entrances for people with green passes for cinemas, theaters and concert halls. In particular, he believes it is possible to foresee an increase in the maximum capacity of the structures, only in the white area:

  • 100% outdoors
  • 80% indoors.

An indication that, however, specifies Brusaferro, may be reviewed within the next month. The committee recommends that they be:

  • comply with the indications for the use of surgical masks during all phases of the events
  • maximum attention is paid to the quality of the ventilation systems
  • there is vigilance on compliance with the indications.


The CTS does not place any limitations on access to museums, but recommends guaranteeing the organization of flows to encourage interpersonal distancing at every stage with the exception of cohabiting households.

Green pass obbligatorio?

We remember that to enter the stadium, cinema and theater it is mandatory to have a green pass (here how to request it and when it is needed).

Thus provides for the decree-law of 23 July 2021, n. 105 containing “Urgent measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and for the safe exercise of social and economic activities”. Until December 31, 2021, access to stadiums, cinemas and theaters is only possible by presenting the Covid Green Certification for all those who are over 12 years old and do not enjoy the exemptions provided for by the green passport provided by law.

The green pass must be presented at the entrance, together with the ticket and possibly an identity document for control by the staff in charge. In the absence of a green pass, access to the event is not allowed and there will be no right to a refund of the ticket. Even in the event of a positivity or need for a fiduciary quarantine in the hours preceding the event, the ticket cannot be refunded.

Within states, cinemas and theaters, the use of a mask is always mandatory.

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