that’s who will get the third dose of the vaccine

that’s who will get the third dose of the vaccine
that’s who will get the third dose of the vaccine

Vaccinations: starting with the third dose – Ansa

It starts with the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine for the over eighty, RSA guests and healthcare personnel. The announcement comes from the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, just on the day in which – as announced by the emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo – in Italy we have reached 78% of the population over 12 vaccinated, almost 42 million vaccinations. “We immediately give more protection to the most vulnerable and to those who work in health centers”, underlined Speranza. While in the background it is debated whether to proceed with the flu vaccine at the same time.

The categories to which the so-called ‘booster’ dose will be administered, therefore, are detailed in the new circular signed by the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza.

Without prejudice to the priority of “achieving high vaccination coverage with the completion of vaccination cycles currently authorized”, it is stated, it will be possible to proceed with the administration of third booster doses in favor of “subjects aged 80 or over; staff and guests of residential facilities for the elderly “and” at a later time, a booster dose may also be offered to health professions and health care operators who carry out their activities in public and private, in pharmacies, parapharmacies and in offices
professional, starting from subjects aged 60 or over or with concomitant pathology such as to make them vulnerable to severe forms of COVID-19 or with a high level of exposure to infection “.

Furthermore, the recall can also be administered to subjects with high frailty motivated by concomitant / pre-existing pathologies, subject to the opinion of the regulatory agencies. Regardless of the vaccine used for the primary cycle, it is then specified in the circular, “for now it will be possible to use any of the two m-RNA vaccines authorized in Italy (Pfizer and Moderna) as a booster dose” and the third dose must be administered after at least 6 months after completion of the primary vaccination course with the two doses. As for the possible extension of the third dose to the general population, “it will be decided on the basis of the acquisition of new scientific evidence and the epidemiological trend”.

Meanwhile, the hypothesis of administering the third dose and the flu vaccine at the same time, in co-vaccination, is also being discussed. On this front, Lazio is leading the way by announcing the next start of the “contextual” administration of the two immunizers. A hypothesis with respect to which doctors, however, express doubts asking for precise indications from the Ministry and the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa). The councilor for health of Lazio, Alessio D’Amato, therefore stated that the Region is ready to start with the third contextual dose the flu shot and “we will start with all those over 80 who have completed the vaccination cycle by 31 March 2021, and then continue with all the others”.

But it is precisely the lack, at the moment, of precise indications that leaves doctors perplexed. “There is little communication from the institutions regarding the organization of this phase of the vaccination campaign and we await indications from the bodies in charge regarding the possibility of a simultaneous administration. Perhaps a little coordination would not be bad before making announcements”, underlines the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli. A general indication on how to proceed “is necessary – he comments – otherwise the risk is the usual one of a ‘multiple’ health system in which each Region does what it wants”.

Meanwhile, at the European level, discussions continue on the third dose and the European Medicines Agency (Ema) has announced that it has initiated the examination of the application by the Moderna company for the recall with a third dose to children aged 12 years and older. on. The EMA will therefore decide on the use of a booster dose of Spikevax (Moderna’s anti Covid vaccine) to be administered at least 6 months after the second dose in people aged 12 years or older.

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