Covid, in Lazio 217 new infected and 4 deaths. Soon the third dose of vaccine

Covid numbers in the Lazio region remained stable, at still low levels.

Today’s data, communicated in the usual report by the regional health department, speak of 217 new positives and 4 deaths. 7,895 molecular swabs processed and 7,944 antigenic swabs. Compared to last Monday, the balance is 26 less infected. 393 hospitalized, one more than yesterday, 59 intensive care, one more than yesterday and 379 recovered. The ratio of positives to buffers is 1.3%.

The Lazio region is ready to start with the administration of the third dose of covid vaccine to the weakest subjects, a dose that will be inoculated together with the flu vaccine.

It will start with all those over 80 who have completed the vaccination cycle by 31 March 2021 (or who have taken the second dose by 31 March 2021), and then continue with all the others.

Citizens, who have taken the second dose by March 31, 2021, can choose how to have the booster dose: 1) by booking or having a reservation, as last time, through the portal https: //prenotavaccino-covid.regione.lazio .it / main / home, by entering the number of the health card, and choosing the vaccination center or pharmacy near the house; 2) by calling your family doctor who can also administer the flu vaccine at the same time.

The over 80 hospitalized in RSA and other residential structures will not have to do anything, they will receive the third dose directly from the ASL teams, from the Uscar, or from the structures that host them.

Those over 80, who have previously received Covid vaccination at home, will be contacted directly by the ASL and will not have to do anything.

Meanwhile, in Lazio, more than 8 million and 250 thousand doses of Covid vaccine have been administered. Reached 82% of the over 12 population and 88% of the over 18 population, among the highest coverage rates in Europe. Lowest positives for 3 months now.

As for the flu shot, it starts in the first week of October.

It will be free for those over 65, for categories at risk, health workers, law enforcement, and blood donors. For information, you will need to contact your family doctor starting from the first week of October.

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