1.5 billion for Cig extension and quarantine

1.5 billion for Cig extension and quarantine
1.5 billion for Cig extension and quarantine

Coverage of the resources necessary forInps to liquidate the quarantine periods granted to workers who remained in isolation but not covered by the disease for Covid, expiration of administration contracts, need to refinance at least until December 31, 2021 the emergency layoffs in view of the expiry of the freeze on dismissals for small and tertiary sectors (as well as for fashion-textile-footwear) set for the next October 31st.

The Government moves on several fronts which, waiting for the green light at the Update to the Economic and Finance Document (NaDEF) expected in the next few hours, takes stock of the maxi tax decree linked to the Budget Law, which – despite the name – intervenes, at a very wide scale, also on the front work.

Particularly nourished, the work package, therefore, on which Minister Orlando has been working for some time, which should provide for the quarantine policy, which will cover the previous and the entire period up to 31 December, the deadline currently foreseen for the state of emergency.

As he writes today The sun 24 hours, on the plate, 900 millions of euros that will allow to overcome the application problem that made it impossible to pay the salaries of workers in quarantine.

In the same emergency measure, there should also be room for intervention to ensure continuity of employment for 100 thousand workers in administration, on which hangs the “ax” of the August 2020 decree.

The possible drop point should pass from the “elimination of the deadline of 31 December 2021 for workers hired indefinitely by employment agencies, sent on mission to fixed-term companies, restoring, without time limit, the possibility to “Such workers di be sent on a mission both indefinitely and on a temporary basis to users without obligation of causal or duration “, as already established by the circular of the Ministry of Labor 17 of 2018”.

To manage the output “gradual” from the freezing of layoffs, in the wake of what already happened at the end of June, there are also plans to insert nel package othersand 8/9 weeks of free cash, until December.


billion Cig extension quarantine

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