Contagions today Emilia Romagna, covid bulletin 26 September 2021 – Chronicle

Contagions today Emilia Romagna, covid bulletin 26 September 2021 – Chronicle
Contagions today Emilia Romagna, covid bulletin 26 September 2021 – Chronicle

Bologna, 26 September 2021 – In Emilia Romagna today the contagion curve from covid remains stable: it has indeed occurred a death (in Parma, a 73-year-old woman) and 340 new positives (like yesterday) out of 25,931 swabs performed, with a positive rate of 1.3%, up from 0.91% yesterday. The healed (+177), slightly down i hospitalizations. 6 million and 408 thousand doses administered 96.88% of active cases are in isolation at home, without symptoms or with mild symptoms.

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Covid: the data of today, 26th September, in Emilia Romagna

The mean age in new positives is 36.8 years. Of the newly infected, 128 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, 135 of the new positives were already in isolation at the time of the swab execution, 180 were identified within already known foci. Of the 128 asymptomatic, 85 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 2 with serological screening, 28 through tests for the risk categories introduced by the Region, 3 through pre-hospitalization tests. An epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 10 cases.

The situation of infections in the provinces can be seen Bologna with 73 new cases, followed by Ravenna (53), Modena (47), Parma (40) e Reggio Emilia (34); then Rimini (31), Forlì (22), Piacenza e Ferrara (both 12). Therefore Cesena (10) and, finally, the District Imolese (6).

People heal, the general calculation is 177 – 395.251 – while i active cases, i.e. the actual patients, are 162 more than yesterday (13,942 in total): of these, people in isolation at home with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 13,508 (+159), 96.88% of the total number of active cases.

Today a victim

Unfortunately, it still registers a death: in Parma, a 73-year-old woman.

The hospitalizations

There is a slight increase in hospitalizations in Covid departments not critical 386 (+3), those in intensive care are suitable 48 (unchanged), divided as follows: 4 a Piacenza (unchanged from yesterday); 4 a Parma (unchanged); 2 a Reggio Emilia(unchanged); 5 a Modena (unchanged); 15 a Bologna (-1); 3 a Imola (unchanged); 4 a Ferrara (unchanged); 2 a Ravenna(unchanged); 2 a Forlì(unchanged); 1 a Cesena (unchanged); 6 a Rimini (+1).

The third dose in Emilia Romagna

Meanwhile, Emilia Romagna is gearing up to expand the administration of the third dose of the vaccine at all over 80, to all guests of the RSA and to doctors who work in the wards most at risk: this was the decision lost in yesterday’s CTS meeting. In Emilia Romagna, 97.72% of the over 80s have completed their vaccination cycle (source Agenas) but in most of the injections date back to six month ago. It was therefore decided that it is necessary to protect the great elderly with a ‘dose booster‘that you raise your immune defenses again. The same goes for RSA guests, regardless of their age: the concentration of fragile people, often suffering from chronic diseases, in large communities exposes these places to the risk of very violent outbreaks.

Bulletin in Italy: updated data

I am 3,099 the positives today (3,525 yesterday) nationwide, with 44 victims (yesterday there were 50): here are the updated data on the pandemic in Italy. 276,221 swabs were performed, with a positivity rate of 1.1%. Decreasing hospitalized people in hospital with symptoms that are 3,435, down 62 from yesterday, while hospitalized in intensive care are 483 (+2). 4,427,373 are cured (+3,385) and 102,244 are currently positive (-330).

Covid: today’s news

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