9 premises closed in one month

9 premises closed in one month
9 premises closed in one month

The coronavirus infection curve, for weeks, now seems to have settled. The vaccination campaign continues well in Lazio where the 4 million citizens who have carried out the double dose of vaccine have exceeded, yet it is enough to take a look at the numbers of hospitalized to understand that Covid is far from gone, but despite this they are still too many places in Rome where the anti-contagion rules are not respected. The masks, for some, seem to be a memory now. The distancing not even to talk about it.

Data in hand today, compared to September 2020 when Lazio was in the yellow zone, there are more patients in intensive care, even if 90% of them are unvaccinated. To date, September 26, 2021, there are 58 seriously ill patients in the intensive care units of the Lazio hospitals. A year ago there were 35 seriously ill.

In short, Covid still hurts. And that’s why staying on high guard is important. In September, in Rome, nine premises were closed due to the non-compliance with the correct anti-spreading rules of the Coronavirus infection. Places where hundreds of people danced together.

Three premises closed in a few days in a few days in Rome well

Under the magnifying glass, in the last evenings, the disco-pubs of the so-called Roma bene. On Saturday evening, thousands of them danced assembled and without masks, in a public garden in the Villa Giulia area, in the Parioli district. There, in that park torn from decay and become one of the places of the Roman summer in the II Municipio, the night got out of hand to the organizers. Local police officers intervened and patrols surprised more than 1000 people dancing while ignoring anti-Covid regulations.

Thus the provision to close the site for 5 days was triggered in compliance with the legislation on the limitation of contagion. “Further investigations are still underway on other anomalies detected at the time of the intervention”, explain the brigade.

On Thursday, also in Parioli, the patrols of the Urban Social Security Group intervened in a room in the Villa Borghese area where an evening with music and DJs was in progress where about 300 people. Here, too, everyone danced and drank without masks and distancing.

In the area of ​​Piazza Istria, in the Trieste district, the carabinieri of the Salaria station have instead administratively sanctioned a bar – restaurant due to the presence of a gathering of about 100 people. At the same time, the Arma soldiers ordered the provisional closure of the aforementioned activity for 5 days.

The series of closed venues in northern and central Rome

Blitzes and closures that add up to those of recent days. On 17 September, in the Grottarossa area, the ‘white helmets’ of the local police put the seals on a room where an evening was underway with over a thousand people dancing here too without protective equipment and without respecting interpersonal distance. The club had been closed for five days in this case as well. The previous week it also touched two clubs in North Rome and the Trieste District, which was then followed by a third nightclub in Villa Ada.

The premises in southern Rome

Phenomenon of illegal discos that in the past had led to other closures, particularly in the area of ​​the Roman coast, with hundreds of young people found dancing despite the prohibitions in discos and bathing establishments.

According to southern Rome, however, the last closure is on Saturday, in Testaccio. Here the carabinieri found 250 people in a club. The military, pretending to be customers, once entered the disco-pub found themselves in front of hundreds of people huddled to dance indoors without personal protective equipment and without respecting interpersonal distance. But the real surprise for the police was to find a cubist in skimpy clothes performing on stage.

The carabinieri sanctioned the owner for 400 euros and applied the ancillary sanction of closing the premises for 5 days, with simultaneous suspension of the activity.

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