Third dose and exemption from the anti-Covid vaccination: what changes

Third dose and exemption from the anti-Covid vaccination: what changes
Third dose and exemption from the anti-Covid vaccination: what changes

While Italy records a significant increase in the first doses of the anti-Covid vaccine, the CTS gives the green light to the third dose for the eighty-year-olds, residents of the RSA and the most fragile health personnel by age or previous pathologies. The opinion of the Technical Scientific Committee, which met on Saturday, therefore gives the green light to the additional dose of anti-covid vaccine only for the over 80, guests of the RSA and to follow for the health professionals. In the next few days the operating procedures for the administration will be communicated. From September 20, after the approval of the experts and the AIFA, the administration of the so-called third dose (or rather additional dose or booster) of messenger RNA vaccines to immuno-compromised people with autoimmune diseases, transplanted and cancer patients.

The third dose for all citizens? It is not certain

The third dose to the entire Italian population “will depend on the trend of the epidemic curve in the country, the global circulation of the virus and the duration of both natural and artificially acquired immunity with vaccination in the various layers of the population. Field studies are showing that, after about six months, there is a certain decline in the antibody response and the possibility of becoming infected; I remember, however, that the current vaccines, set up against a virus that has been in circulation for two years now, are still very effective in protecting us from serious Covid and from ‘lethal event “. This was stated in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’ today by Giorgio Palù, the president of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) and exponent of the CTS. Most of the mandatory and recommended vaccines, explains Palù. “are administered in three doses: the first in the first months or years of life, the second one month after the first dose and the third after six months. For poliomyelitis, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis there are four doses, for measles, mumps and rubella two doses, for the flu the vaccine is seasonal. So there is no reason to approach this third vaccine with prejudices. I remember that even the new categories will be administered only the Pfizer and Moderna compounds for which there are studies on the third administration “.

Meanwhile, the positivity rate drops to 1% with 3,525 new infections recorded yesterday, 50 deaths. Ordinary hospitalizations (-56) and intensive care (-8) are decreasing. On the agenda for tomorrow the decisions on the reduction of the quarantine in schools (only to the desk mate in case of positivity) and on the increase of the capacity for events and shows (stadiums, concerts, cinemas and theaters). Meanwhile, the validity of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination exemption certificates has been extended until November 30, 2021.

The data of the Iss

The risk of death from Covid in over 80s not vaccinated against the virus is 14 times higher. This is what is read in the Report of the Higher Institute of Health updated to 22 September, released on Saturday 25 September in the extended form. The data shows that, in this age group, the hospitalization rate in the last 30 days of the unvaccinated is “about nine times higher than the full cycle vaccinated (251.8 versus 28.9 hospitalizations per 100,000 inhabitants)” . In addition, in the over 80s “it is observed that in the last 30 days the rate of hospitalization in intensive care of full-cycle vaccinated people is eleven times lower than those not vaccinated (1.4 against 15.5 per 100,000 inhabitants) while the rate death rate is fourteen times higher in the unvaccinated than in the full course vaccinated. “

In the trend of the Sars-Cov – 2 epidemic, compared to the increase in the incidence recorded at the beginning of July in all age groups, starting from the beginning of August there was a strong decrease in the incidence in the 12-19 age range. years and a less marked decrease in the incidence of over 20 “. “For the population under the age of 12, currently ineligible for vaccination, the incidence only started to decrease from the end of August”, the report reads.

Hope: “We are still in a pandemic”

The green pass, mandatory from 15 October for public and private workers, pushes vaccination in Italy, with a significant increase in the first doses in recent days. This is confirmed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “In recent days, also thanks to the choices we have made, there has been a significant increase in the first doses and this puts us in a position to be able to govern the epidemic which, however, is still ongoing and requires attention and caution,” he said. speaking in a video link at ‘Futura 2021’, organized by the CGIL in Bologna. “Let’s not forget that we are still in the pandemic – he added – However, we have very encouraging results from the anti Covid vaccination campaign. This morning we are 77.4% of vaccinable people who have completed the cycle. We are now at 83 million and 600 thousand doses. administered in our country. Significant numbers that are growing “.

Vaccination exemption extended

Extension until November 30, 2021 of the validity of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination exemption certifications. This is what has been decided by a circular from the Ministry of Health. “Following the circular prot. N ° 35309-04 / 08/2021-Dgpre and prot. N ° 35444-05 / 08/2021-Dgpre, we represent that the validity and the possibility of issuing exemption certificates for vaccination against -Covid-19 referred to in the aforementioned circulars, for the uses provided for by current legislation, is extended until November 30, 2021 “, reads.

In Italy, at the time of writing, there are almost 45 million people with at least one dose (82.98% of the population over 12), almost 42 million with two doses (77.60% of the population over 12) and 42 thousand people are the third additional dose was administered.

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