the new rules for traveling to the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany

the new rules for traveling to the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany
the new rules for traveling to the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany

The months go by, the rules change, but the sightseeing anxiously awaits the borders to be completely open. Because tourism is still floundering, especially the incoming to our country. And especially from some countries. But some news bodes well. As already known for a few days the United States reopen: from the beginning of November international travelers entirely vaccine, including Europeans and the British, will be able to enter the States. White House decision ends 18-month ban, the so-called “travel ban” taken with Donald Trump at the beginning of the pandemic and subsequently continued with the Biden administration.

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Vaccine, test, quarantine: the new rules for traveling

The American turnaround affects 33 countries in all – in addition to the Schengen area and Great Britain there are Ireland, China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa and India. Under the new rules, anyone wishing to enter the US must present the vaccination certificate before embarking in the UK.


From next 4 October, people vaccinated against the coronavirus who come from the United Arab Emirates will no longer have to respect a quarantine period upon their arrival in Great Britain. Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced this on Twitter, explaining that the vaccination carried out in the Emirates will be recognized by the British authorities. «We will be accepting UAE vaccination certificates from 4 October following updates to their vaccination app. As a major transport hub hosting many British expats, this is great news for reopening international travel, increasing business and bringing families together, ”Shapps wrote. The decision was adopted by the Johnson government which since August has revoked the precautionary quarantine for all those who come to the island from overseas or from continental Europe but if they have completed the vaccination cycle in their countries of origin. However, the need for travelers to book a single test to be done two days after arrival on the island remains in force: however, from about mid-October, this test should no longer be of the PCR type, but Ltf, that is a decidedly less expensive “lateral flow”. For those who are not fully vaccinated, there remains the obligation of quarantine for 10 days and a double swab on arrival.


Britain has included Covishield vaccine, the Indian version of AstraZeneca, in the list of approved Covid 19 vaccines. ‘Oxford University and produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII) will be considered among those approved, like Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Janssen, for all travelers entering from all over the world, from 4 October “. But the Indian victory after the Delhi protests against “discriminatory politics” and the threats of “countermeasures” is only partial. In fact, England says that travelers will be considered vaccinated only if in possession of the certificate from a recognized health institution (a sort of green pass) and that Indians will still have to undergo a ten-day quarantine for lack of ” Covishield certification ».


From 1 August all people, starting from the over 12s, who enter Germany from Italy (not considered a country at risk) are required, at the time of entry or before boarding, to have a documentation proving vaccination, the healing or negative result of a molecular swab (valid for 72 hours) or rapid antigenic (valid for 48 hours). There are no health obligations for children under 12. According to German legislation, anyone who has completed the vaccination cycle for at least 14 days is considered vaccinated (one or two doses depending on the type of vaccine; in any case, only one dose for those who have already been sick with Covid). Instead, France divides the countries into three risk bands: green, orange and red. Italy, at the moment, is included in the list of states in green, whose citizens must have a green pass or vaccine certification (valid one week after the second dose or seven days after the first dose of vaccine for people who are cured) or with the negative result of a molecular test (78 hours before the trip) or antigenic test (48 hours before). Children under 12 are exempt.


In Italy, since last September 23rd the Ministry of Health has recognized the equivalence of some vaccines, administered by foreign health authorities, to those carried out under the National Vaccine Plan for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2. In particular, it concerns:
– vaccines recognized by EMA – European Medicines Agency;
– Covishield (Serum Institute of India), produced under license from AstraZeneca;
– R-CoVI (R-Pharm), produced under license from AstraZeneca;
– Covid-19 vaccine-recombinant (Fiocruz), manufactured under license from AstraZeneca.
Following this recognition:
– the aforementioned vaccines are considered valid for the purpose of issuing the COVID-19 Green Certification in favor of Italian citizens (also residing abroad) and their cohabiting family members, as well as foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons and to all subjects registered in any capacity with the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad;
– COVID-19 green certifications issued by foreign health authorities following vaccination with the aforementioned vaccines (in addition to the vaccines authorized by EMA), are considered as equivalent for the purposes provided for by law, provided that they contain the information referred to in the circular in question (identification data of the holder, data relating to the vaccine, date / s of administration of the vaccine, identification data of the person who issued the certificate) and are written in Italian, English, French, Spanish or German (if they were issued in another language , must be accompanied by a sworn translation).

All those who intend to go abroad, regardless of the destination and the reasons for the trip, must consider that any movement, in this period, may involve a health risk. In particular, in the event that it is necessary to undergo a molecular or antigenic test for entry into Italy or for the return to our country from a foreign destination, we remind you that travelers must take into consideration the possibility that the test gives a result. positive. In this case, it is not possible to travel by commercial means and you are subject to the quarantine and containment procedures provided for by the country in which you are located. These procedures involve, with some possible differences due to different local regulations, also the so-called “contacts” with the positive subject, which are also subjected to quarantine / isolation by the local authorities of the country in which one is located and which, to protect health public, will be able to return to Italy at the end of the period of isolation provided. It is therefore recommended to carefully plan every aspect of the trip, also contemplating the possibility of having to spend an additional period abroad, as well as having health insurance that also covers the risks associated with COVID-19. All the rules are available at the following link:


It is not yet clear which vaccines will be allowed as only three have been approved in the United States – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – and not AstraZeneca or Sinovac, which are widely used in Europe and China. It will be the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to clarify in the coming days: according to rumors reported by some media, it is likely that AstraZeneca will be admitted while the question remains pending on the Chinese vaccine or the Russian Sputnik. The CDC, the largest American health authority, is also called upon to instruct airlines to collect passenger information to facilitate contact tracing. For unvaccinated Americans who intend to return home, the Biden administration then provides for a further squeeze: they will have to submit a negative test to Covid in the 24 hours before the trip and will have to undergo an additional test on arrival. The new approach is “focused on individuals rather than on a country, and is more robust” because it allows you to “protect Americans at home and at the same time strengthen the safety of international travel,” explained Jeff Zients, the response coordinator. at the White House Covid.

The Europeans, for some time now pressing the Biden administration for the reopening of the borders, greet with satisfaction the American opening. The EU commission spoke of a “long awaited” decision while the German vice chancellor and finance minister, Olaf Scholz, called it “good news for German and European investments and for all transatlantic relations”. The head of British diplomacy Liz Truss along the same lines: «This is excellent news. It is important – he tweeted – for economic recovery, for families and for trade ”. The announcement by the White House has given wings to airline stocks, which have long been lobbying to persuade the White House to reopen the transatlantic corridor, vital to their interests. Iag As, the company to which British Airways belongs, has come to earn 12%, Air France-KLM 7% and Lufthansa 7.5%.


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