Coronavirus, abusive party blitz in Rome with more than a thousand people

Sunday 26 September 2021 – 2.15pm

Coronavirus, abusive party blitz in Rome with more than a thousand people

Some squares closed for gatherings.

Rome, 26 Sept. (askanews) – The surveillance activity by the Local Police continues on the Capitoline territory, with particular attention to the typical nightlife places. After the closure of a restaurant in the Parioli district on Thursday evening for non-compliance with the anti-Covid measures, the agents again intervened in the territory of the II Municipality, this time within a public area which, instead of being used for the planned activities recreational, theatrical and cultural events, it had been used for a dance party. The patrols surprised more than 1000 people who danced crowded and without the use of protective equipment. For these reasons, the provision to close the site for 5 days was triggered in compliance with the legislation on the limitation of contagion. Further investigations are still in progress on other anomalies detected at the time of the intervention.

Over 2 thousand checks carried out by white helmets this weekend: from compliance with the measures for the protection of collective health and anti-alcohol rules to checks for compliance with road traffic regulations. To avoid the formation of gatherings linked to the large influx of people, the agents had to proceed with the temporary closure of Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and Piazza Trilussa. More than 200 commercial activities and controlled public establishments, with the main high penalties for illegal administration or sale of alcohol beyond the allowed hours. About twenty patrons were also fined for irregular consumption of alcoholic beverages in the street. On the road safety front, about 350 offenses were contested for violation of the Highway Code.



Coronavirus abusive party blitz Rome thousand people

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