On September 27th there is a school strike: the reasons

On September 27th there is a school strike: the reasons
On September 27th there is a school strike: the reasons

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September 25, 2021 7:36 pm


And now the schools are in danger of being “stopped”. For the whole day of Monday 27 September, in fact, a “strike by all the teaching staff and Ata, for a fixed and indefinite period” called by the CSLE union is foreseen. As foreseen by the regulation, the educational institutions will give notice “in order to guarantee the most effective compliance with the obligations envisaged in the field of communication”, the notice will be published in the news on the website of the Ministry of Education.

At the base of the protest, we read in the CSLE note, the mandatory application of the Green Pass for staff, but not only

School strike 27 September: the reasons

The union proclaims “the strike following the application of the obligation of the green pass for school staff, applied by the government, according to them, for the health protection of staff and pupils. The said decision does not respect the constitution and freedom of workers and tarnishes democracy by creating further problems within the family and employees with the suspension of salary and service. I believe that this decision is not in keeping with the protection of school staff, pupils and their families. It is clear that those who want to get vaccinated are free to do so but those who do not want to or who cannot do so must be equally free ”.

He continues: “Therefore the union asks:

  1. The repeal or change of the green pass obligation;
  2. Instead, apply free periodic swab checks to all staff and pupils;
  3. Subdivision of chicken coop classes;
  4. Recruitment of more teaching staff and ata to intensify controls within the institutions;
  5. Changes to the rules for filling the means of transport for distancing.


September #27th school strike reasons

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