Flu and Covid, double vaccine: “No risk”

Flu and Covid, double vaccine: “No risk”
Flu and Covid, double vaccine: “No risk”

In France, co-administration of vaccines has already been approved. In Italy the terms are being defined right now but for the Lazio Region it is the next move to accelerate the anti Covid program and, at the same time, the anti-flu program. The vaccine against the influenza virus – H3N2 – has in fact already been ordered and the administration is scheduled for next October. Precisely when the recall for third doses is foreseen for the over 80 group. A busy program for general practitioners who – together with the pharmacies – will therefore be in charge of the double vaccination. “There are no contraindications for the two doses, even if of different vaccines, to be administered together” explains Alberto Chiriatti, regional secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners Lazio (Fimmg). A plan already on the table of the Lazio Region: “The double procedure will ensure compliance with the timing of vaccination programs and are not against indications” confirms the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato.

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However, this is not a novelty, as the secretary Chiriatti explains: «Children are already given several vaccines in the same session. In this case, we proceed with one vaccine per arm. We remember – he specifies – that the anti-flu serum in the coming weeks will be important to avoid new spikes in hospitalizations and that the symptoms of fever are not confused with those of the Coronavirus “.
The commission for a total of 1.6 million doses was submitted on 14 September. Just when the new vaccination schedule was being considered. With a first indication that came to the doctors of the health insurance “to respect a distance of 15 days”.


But with the new program, if approved quickly, doctors will be able to proceed with a single session. “We know our patients and their clinical situation. The next band for which the recall of the Covid vaccine is expected is that of the elderly, the same ones who will first have to receive also the one against the flu. They will be constantly monitored. We remind you that as far as the Coronavirus vaccine is concerned, it is a recall »concludes Chiriatti. Thanks to the plan developed last year, flu infections have collapsed. This year, together with general practitioners, the 1500 pharmacies of Lazio have also been included in the regional platform for vaccinations. Part of the doses of the anti-H3N2 serum will then be distributed to pharmacists for a free procedure to the frail and over 70 category. On the other hand, for a fee for all the others: 6.16 euros for the injection and up to 12 euros for the cost of the vaccine. Meanwhile, there were still tensions in the capital yesterday for the Green pass. The fuse went off in Piazza San Giovanni during a protest demonstration. A group of demonstrators in the outflow phase gathered and left in a procession blocking the traffic at piazzale Appio. Police men intervened on the spot: 10 were identified, all reported for road blocking and unannounced demonstration.



Flu Covid double vaccine risk

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