just 13,455 doses done in a week

just 13,455 doses done in a week
just 13,455 doses done in a week

LECCE – The weekly report of ASL Lecce on the epidemiological situation in the province photographs a phase of almost inertia, after a certain dynamism of the contagion in the summer season and waiting to weigh the impact of the students’ return to the classroom. *

There were 277 tests that tested positive for Sars Cov2 in the last seven days, for a rate of 5.6 percent compared to the number of individual cases analyzed. In absolute terms, this is 64 fewer diagnoses than the previous week, but the percentage of people tested remains essentially the same. Of the new positives 109 are up to 35 years of age, 128 between 36 and 69, 40 are over 70.

The current number of cases is 769 (161 less), equal to 0.9 per thousand inhabitants: just over twenty are the municipalities, naturally those with fewer inhabitants, where at the moment there are no cases, while quite above above the provincial average value are Vernole with 20 (2.9 per thousand), Salve 9 (2), Otranto 14 (2.4), Neviano 14 (2.7), Melendugno 24 (2.4); Gallipoli 53 (2.6); Gagliano del Capo 10 (20); Casarano 41 (2.1).

The number of visits to the emergency room with subsequent hospitalization was 19 (13 last week), distributed as follows by age group: a patient between 36 and 49 years; 7 between 50 and 69; 5 between 70 and 79; 3 three 80s and 89s; 3 with at least 90 years of age. The beds occupied by Covid patients are 55 (four less), of which 9 in Infectious Diseases in Galatina and the others in Lecce, with three people in Anesthesia and Resuscitation therapy. There were 5 deaths, aged 70 and over.

The vaccination campaign has now lost the long-term momentum of the past months: 13,455 were the doses administered in the last seven days (about half of the “dowry” of the previous week), of which 2,396 were first doses. Coverage increases slightly in the less protected age groups so far, from 12 to 49 years: but if for those of school age (12-19) the figure is still very dynamic because the “call” came last, in citizens aged 20 and over. at the age of 49, the greatest resistance is encountered. In class 30-29 the lowest share is registered with “only” 70 percent having received one dose (or single dose). So we are trying to catch up: the possibility of free access to vaccination hubs goes in this direction. The data on the hospitalization rate (normalized per 100 thousand inhabitants) should alone constitute a pro-vaccination argument: for each patient hospitalized despite having completed the cycle, there are just over 5 unvaccinated and just over one with a single dose .

Considering the vaccinable age population as a whole, i.e. from 12 years of age, almost 80 percent received at least one dose, while 76 percent completed the cycle (2 doses or single dose).

*The Lecce ASL report is edited by Fabrizio Quarta, director of the complex operating unit of Epidemiology and Statistics, with the collaboration of Angela Metallo and data processing by Carlo Indino. The working group includes Valeria Gerardi, Ornella Guida and Donato Rollo.

**If you use your smartphone, the download is possible by accessing Lecce first from the search engine and not from the app.

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