Discovered the “super monoclonal antibody” against Covid and new viruses

Discovered the “super monoclonal antibody” against Covid and new viruses
Discovered the “super monoclonal antibody” against Covid and new viruses

A discovery made in the United States could represent a decisive weapon against Covid and its mutations. In fact, a “super antibody monoclonal“, effective against all variants of the coronavirus and which could also be used to combat future pandemics and upcoming unknown pathogens. The Vanderbilt University Medical Center has isolated this antibody using an innovative technology of its own creation and the revolutionary discovery has been described. in a recent article in the scientific journal Cell Reports.

This super monoclonal antibody, capable of both fighting Covid and nipping future outbreaks of “something worse“, was discovered by Tennessee researchers in the organism of a patient recovered from Covid. Once isolated, this molecule immediately showed a powerful ability to neutralize Sars-CoV-2 and its variants. As a result, the scientists of the COVID. Vanderbilt claim that Sars-CoV-2 will be less likely to move to escape this antibody, which “He does not know“. The discovery was possible thanks to the use of a technology developed by the same research center and called LIBRA-seq (Linking B-cell Receptor to Antigen Specificity through sequencing), conceived in 2019 by Ian Setliff and Andrea Shiakolas, students of the luminary of the Vanderbilt Ivelin Georgiev.

Setliff and Shiakolas managed to fine-tune the LIBRA-seq technology trying to verify if it was possible to map the genetic sequences of antibodies and the identities of specific viral antigens more quickly. That work they did in 2019 ultimately proved useful in isolating the super antibody against Sars-CoV-2. “It would have been impossible three or four years ago“, emphasized Professor Georgiev,”move at the current speed. A lot has changed in a very short period of time when it comes to monoclonal antibody discovery as well as vaccine development“The teacher then remarked that now that this weapon has been developed super efficient against Covid “there is no time to lose“. “If we give the virus enough time“, clarified Georgiev,”there will be so many other variants that arise, which may prove more dangerous than the Delta variant and capable of evading the vaccines currently available. This is exactly why you need to have as many options as possible“.

Georgiev eventually stated that the same LIBRA-seq technology would also be the key to creating the anti cures future minacce: “This is a way to proactively build a repertoire of potential therapies against future epidemics“. As pathogens continue to evolve, scientists, thanks to that innovative technology, now have the means to”challenge to hide and seek” i virus.


Discovered super monoclonal antibody Covid viruses

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