bulletin today 22 September 2021. All the news

bulletin today 22 September 2021. All the news
bulletin today 22 September 2021. All the news

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September 23, 2021 4:23 pm


The number of new cases of coronavirus in Lazio, but that of tampons is also higher: according to the bulletin released this afternoon by the Health Department of the Region, there are 372 infections out of 24,863 total tests, of 11,123 molecular and 13,740 antigenic- The ratio between swabs and positives remains stable and is still 1.4%. The daily report then shows 12 deaths (which also include recoveries) and 403 healed.

The point about hospitalizations

As for the hospitalized, there are 403 positive patients in the ordinary wards of hospitals in Lazio (18 fewer in the last 24 hours), while in intensive care they are 53 (+2). According to the data released on the Agenas portal, and updated to 22 September, the percentage of beds occupied in the critical arenano departments is still at 7%, while in intensive care it has dropped by one percentage point to 5%.

Coronavirus Lazio: infections in individual provinces

Of the total of today’s infections, 263 have been ascertained in the province of Rome and 184 only in the capital, while the other 109 in the remaining four provinces, a total on which the 79 cases found in the Pontine territory undoubtedly weigh. In the province of Frosinone, in fact, the new positivity were 16, then 11 in that of Viterbo and 6 in that of Rieti. The deaths, on the other hand, were all recorded in the province of Rome.

Coronavirus Latina: today’s updated data

Coronavirus Lazio: the bulletin of 23 September

The general situation in Lazio is updated: approximately 382 thousand total infections ascertained in the regional territory since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency; 363,503 are the healed, 8,624 deaths. Just over 10 thousand people are currently positive, and 9,947 of these do not require hospitalization and are in home care.



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