Covid, Lombardy is now green. New rules, green passes, masks: the objectives

Covid, Lombardy is now green. New rules, green passes, masks: the objectives
Covid, Lombardy is now green. New rules, green passes, masks: the objectives

New promotion for the Lombardy. The region – hit hard by the pandemic – was inserted in green band in the new epidemiological map of the ECDC, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on the spread of Covid-19. This is the lowest risk band in the classification which includes green, orange, red and dark red. Together with Lombardy, three other Italian regions have also returned to green (Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Molise). Still in red instead Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. Yesterday in Lombardy they were 450 new cases of Covid-19 recorded against 54,814 processed swabs, with a positivity rate of 0.8%. The less serious hospitalized patients are decreasing: 417, 20 fewer than the day before. Increase of one unit in intensive care, with 63 patients (+1). Four deaths reported in one day.

The impact of the vaccination campaign was decisive. In Lombardy the doses delivered are 14,725,905, 90.3% of those delivered. After decree relating to the extension of the green pass to all workers (of public administration and private companies), there was one growth of adhesions. “In the last few days there has been an important booking number and much higher than in the previous days,” said the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana. And on the possibility of vaccinating i children between 5 and 11 years old Fontana said he was ready to activate the regional machine. “We abide by the provisions that come from the scientific bodies, and if they were to open up to this category too we are ready to do so. Just as we are for the third vaccination, for the booster”.

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The Lombardy starts autumn, one crucial phase for the management of the pandemic, with clear hopes and goals. A year ago, just starting in September, there was a rapid surge in cases in the region, which led to the curfew as early as mid-October. One year ago (Tuesday 22 September 2020) in the region there were 182 new infections, compared to 14,808 swabs, with a positivity rate of 1.22%. As for the hospitalizations a year ago in intensive care there were 34 people, 294 in the other wards. A month later, however, the numbers immortalized a very different, explosive situation: on 22 October 2020 the new daily infections had jumped to 4,125, compared to 35,715 swabs carried out, for a contagion rate that jumped to 11.5%. The hospital front is also alarming: 156 patients in intensive care, with a leap forward of +22 in one day. Other hospitalizations are also growing strongly: +174 in 24 hours, for a total of 1,695. In fact, in four weeks the picture that led to curfew and then to the red zone, actually taken in mid-November.

The Lombardy however, he wants to dismiss the limitations forever and is aiming for a autumn-winter under control. At the national classification level, the region has passed i three months of stay in the white zone. “The effects are noticed by evaluating the health results: for the third month we are in the white zone. Occupations of hospitals and the number of accidents are among the best in the whole country, which gives us hope for the future, “said Fontana. In recent days, the consultant for the vaccination campaign of the Region, Guido Bertolaso, opened a a review of the use of masks now that the numbers of the Covid pandemic are improving.

“It continues to be prudent, but maybe something that creates discomfort such as masks and spacing deserves to be revised and corrected, I don’t say abolished but maybe reorganized“, said the head of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy.” I believe – he added – that if the numbers continue to be so positive, not only in Lombardy but also in all other regions of Italy, with a few rare exceptions it is possible even imagine saying that, where a Region has been in the white zone for more than three months, certain measures could also be lightened. So the use of the mask beyond very crowded places can be somewhat reduced. “The mask, he explained,” was fundamental to limit the spread of Covid, but today with the numbers and data that are improving , you can also consider reducing the measures for the use of the mask. This does not mean that we have to let go but we must continue to be very careful “. Bertolaso ​​also stressed the need to change the rules of quarantine in schools:” With just one positive in the classroom, quarantine (and dad) cannot be triggered. for the whole class. The parameters must be reviewed “.

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