Lazio. Court of Auditors equates 2020 and welcomes the management of the Covid emergency

For the president of the section, Roberto Benedetti, the Lazio Region has been able to give the Covid emergency “a strong, precise and effective response, demonstrating a marked resilience.” But the judges also observe how health management is still “burdened with a considerable indebtedness due to the addition of previous deficits “and how” extremely critical “is the picture” of the percentages of inappropriateness of health services provided by accredited structures “. THE DOCUMENTS

21 SET – The Lazio Regional Section of the Court of Auditors has equalized the general report for the financial year 2020, raising however four specific exceptions which however “concern critical issues in the process of being recovered. They do not affect the regularity of the Report. It is about relations with the Provinces and the determination of some funds which, in our opinion, was done in an underestimated way ”. This was stated by the president of the regional section of the Court of Auditors, Roberto Benedetti, on the outcome of the council chamber after the indictment of the Regional Prosecutor Pio Silvestri.

In intervention, that of Benedetti, which also opens with an applause addressed to the Region for its ability to manage the Covid emergency. “Faced with the unexpected epidemiological emergency, the Lazio Region has been able to give a strong, precise and effective response, demonstrating a strong resilience that was once not easy to imagine, considering the starting conditions of the regional health system in the past years between the commissioner and the plan of re-entry ”, reads the introduction to the Report.

As for the management of the SSR, in his report the councilor Laura D’Ambrosio he illustrated how 2020 was for Lazio the year of the health emergency but also of the exit from the commissioner (which took place on 26 June 2020).

As regards the evaluation of the management of emergency funds, for D’Ambrosio “it is overall positive, albeit with some critical notations.” But the contextual presence of the health emergency, as was to be expected, did not facilitate the implementation of the Operational Plan ” exit from the police station, “which has suffered several delays which” however, according to D’Ambrosio, “can be recovered once the situation is normalized”.

In 2020, the healthcare income of competence of the Lazio Region amounted to 12.278 billion euros in terms of assessment, with a degree of incidence on the total revenue equal to 68.38%, while the total medical receipts amounted to 13.188 billion euros and represent 72.03 % of total regional collections.

Health expenditure amounts to 12.777 billion euros in terms of commitment, coming to represent 72.06% of the total commitments of the regional budget, while the healthcare payments pertaining to it amounted to 12.795 billion euros, with a degree of incidence of 73.46% on the overall total of regional payments .

And in conclusion, for the councilor, “It is noted that healthcare management is still burdened with considerable debt, due to the addition of previous deficits to be covered, and this certainly entails a certain rigidity of the budget”.

In the documents of the accounting judges there is also an in-depth analysis regarding the performance of the accredited structures. And “from the examination of the numbers represented by the regional control system – observes the councilor Mauro Nori-, an extremely critical picture emerges of the percentages of inappropriateness of the health services provided by the accredited structures “.

September 21, 2021
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