“Newborn with severe Covid in intensive care”. «Tosi supported by the League? I am not aware of it ». The third dose node for the elderly and healthcare professionals

“Newborn with severe Covid in intensive care”. «Tosi supported by the League? I am not aware of it ». The third dose node for the elderly and healthcare professionals
“Newborn with severe Covid in intensive care”. «Tosi supported by the League? I am not aware of it ». The third dose node for the elderly and healthcare professionals

Luca Zaia live today, Tuesday 21 September 2021, at the headquarters of the regional council, at Palazzo Balbi in Venice. Our region is ready with a million doses of vaccines to guarantee the third dose to the elderly – the governor recalled today -, who then underlined again how the vaccine is voluntary but how important it is to inform citizens so that they can choose independently. A fact has emerged today: in the intensive care units of the Veneto there are many 50 and 40 year olds who are not vaccinated and without previous pathologies, therefore healthy subjects who in contracting the virus have developed the disease in a serious way.

The president also addressed the issue of pardon for Walter Onichini, the 39-year-old butcher from Legnaro (Padua), convicted (attempted murder) for having shot and wounded a thief caught at home in July 2013. Yesterday Matteo Salvini, on a visit to prison to Onichini, he too had asked for pardon. And politics has always been talked about, touching on the burning topic Flavio Tosi: could he be supported as a candidate by the Lega in Verona? Zaia was tranchant: “I don’t know anything official.” At the end of the conference Zaia also greeted the spokesman, Carlo Parmeggiani, who will retire from next October 1st.

Newborn with Covid hospitalized: it is serious

During the conference, President Zaia, without going into details for the delicacy of the situation and privacy, revealed that a newborn Paduan is hospitalized in serious condition in one of the intensive care units in the Veneto region (in Padua). The mom, not vaccinated, had tested positive for Coronavirus, then negative. But evidently the virus had already infected the fetus. “Initially the indication was to wait before vaccinating pregnant women – said Zaia -, but now they are also pushing for vaccination of pregnant women”.

Zaia live today

The Covid bulletin in Veneto

There are 457 new infections from Covid in the last 24 hours in our region, and there are also three victims of the virus (11,742 the sum of deaths). The total number of positives since the beginning of the pandemic is 465,869 infected people. The currently positive are 11,948. Incidence at 0.85%.

Third dose, the Astrazeneca node

“It is true that heterologous is allowed, but it is equally true that it has not been clarified whether those who have had a course with a vaccine, such as Astrazeneca, can ask to receive the third dose of the same vaccine – Zaia pointed out – . The problem is that we, by choice, have not received any more for two months ».

Third dose: urgently plan for those over 80

“The third dose of vaccine it must be urgently planned in the big old people, the over 80s, and then you have to go down by age group. Scientists say that over time the antibodies they are lowered, I think so also of the doctors immunized nine months ago, who will have a decrease in protection. We don’t want to face the winter with the elderly and health workers with low antibody coverage“. The president of the Region reported today ».

“I am not for the mandatory nature of the vaccine: that it must be voluntary, but it is also true that a dialogue with the citizen is necessary who must be informed correctly, and instead, despite my many appeals to governments that have followed one another during the epidemic, this information has not been there so far ». The president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, reiterated this forcefully during the press point.

Arrears of benefits in hospitals

“We are instructing the directors to buy services from private clinics as well in order to recover those left behind due to the pandemic.”

Intensive care: 40-year-olds and 50-year-olds hospitalized

Patients currently hospitalized in Veneto: the 50-year-old and 40-year-old group represents an important slice of hospitalized in Veneto due to Covid, and “many are as healthy as fish, have no previous pathologies, most end up in intensive care because they have contracted the virus “. Among the vaccinated, however, “there are over 70 with vaccination who, however, either did not have an antibody response or had a low response”.

Zaia: «Thanks for Onichini»

“I turn to the head of state and ask that the pardon be granted to Walter Onichini.” The president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, said today about the story involving the Paduan butcher detained in prison in Venice after a conviction for shooting a thief, injuring him, who was trying to steal his car in the garden of his home. The governor stressed that the only concrete fact is that “the thief is free and Onichini is in jail. I express my total closeness to him. – he added – It would be appropriate to look at why it happened, I think he was panicked. Others in his situation would have escaped, others would have taken the first blunt object to hit him. The mitigating circumstances must be acknowledged ». “We are the country of impunity and to go to jail you have to make it really big. At least consider sending him under house arrest “concluded Zaia.

Several voices in the League and the Donato case

The League is now a great party. And, A large party is a cross-section of society and therefore I do not find it scandalous that there are those who have an opinion different from mine. We don’t have phone booth meetings anymore, this is a great party. Of course, then a synthesis must be made ». So replied the president of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia, today at a press conference, answering questions from journalists on the differences of views within the League on the green pass issue, and on the farewell of MEP Francesca Donato, according to which the League is too aligned with the positions of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. And the governor on the MEP then replied: «I don’t know who he is. But I wonder if she would have become a member of parliament if she hadn’t run for the League », he concluded.

Tosi supported by the Lega in Verona?

The question Flavio Tosi supported by the Lega in Verona: «you can take your holidays easily, for me today there is nothing official, I do not know there is anything official and point. To make a choice like this one must convene the national council in Veneto and decide on the name and I do not know that this is on the agenda in Veneto ».

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