Covid vaccinations | From Monday 20 at Palataurus also the third dose

Covid vaccinations | From Monday 20 at Palataurus also the third dose
Covid vaccinations | From Monday 20 at Palataurus also the third dose

From tomorrow, Monday, the third dose for 100 immunocompromised people will start

Meanwhile, our province exceeds the threshold of 90% of the vaccinated population

LECCO – Third dose: we start tomorrow, Monday 20 September, with the first administrations at the Palataurus of Lecco. There are 100 immunocompromised people (50 transplant recipients and 50 cancer patients) who will receive the additional dose of the virus, better known as the third dose.

The circular of 14 September published by the Ministry of Health provides for the distinction between additional doses and booster doses: the former, reserved for subjects undergoing solid organ transplantation or with marked impairment of the immune response due to causes related to the underlying disease or pharmacological treatments, are considered as part of a primary vaccination cycle in order to achieve an adequate level of immune response while the second, the booster doses, are to be administered at least six months after the last dose in order to maintain or restore an adequate level of immune response over time and are reserved for populations characterized by a high risk, for conditions of fragility that they associate with the development of serious or even fatal disease (such as the over 80s and RSA guests), or due to occupational exposure (such as health professionals).

The ministerial circular of mid-September reads: “At the moment, according to the indications of the Cts, the administration of the additional dose in transplanted and immunocompromised subjects is considered a priority and the strategy of administering a “booster” dose of m-RNA vaccine will be defined in favor of further target groups, starting with those mentioned above, taking into account the scientific evidence and the evolution of the epidemiological scenario “.

In the Lombardy Region about 150 thousand people are expected to receive the third (additional) dose. About 10% of these refer to Ats Brianza, which includes the provinces of Lecco and Monza Brianza.

Over 90% of the vaccinated population in the Lecco area

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign continues also for the first doses and for the completion of the vaccination cycle of those who have undergone the administration in the last few weeks. The Province of Lecco is always the most virtuous in terms of the percentage of adhesion to the vaccination campaign on the target population, having exceeded (the data refer to today, Sunday 19 September), the threshold of 90%.

Reservation agendas continue to be open e Slots have been added to allow booking to whom, hitherto skeptical about the vaccine, has decided to undergo following the imminent entry into force of the obligation of the green pass, from 15 October, for entry to work. In the province of Lecco only the Palataurus hub in Lecco will remain active for the first doses with free access for the categories of the very young (12 – 19 years), school staff, health workers, pregnant women and the over 60s.
The vaccination hub in Cernusco will close on October 19, set up by the Technoprobe company which had made its own shed available free of charge for 6 months and now has to convert it back to production.

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