The post shock of the councilor against vaccines: “I prefer to die of Covid”

The post shock of the councilor against vaccines: “I prefer to die of Covid”
The post shock of the councilor against vaccines: “I prefer to die of Covid”

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September 19, 2021 7:46 am


“I prefer to die of Covid than to let you trample the rights of the society in which I would like to live”. A shocking message, the one published on his Facebook page by Ilaria Brunelli, city councilor of the center-right majority in Bassano del Grappa. An attack that leaves no room for doubt but this time comes from an institutional representative. Reactions are therefore inevitable, starting with the opposition that calls for the immediate resignation of the councilor.

“Months ago I was evaluating the idea of ​​vaccinating myself. But the aggression and coercion you adopt are so abnormal that I have decided that I will not vaccinate myself for anything in the world. – writes Brunelli – I tell you with the smile of someone who is not afraid of dying for a right “. The message sparked a flood of comments on social media, for and against, as well as the request for resignation. The Democratic Party of Bassano has issued a statement in which it asks the mayor of Bassano, Elena Pavan, to “kick Brunelli out of his majority if the councilor does not apologize and does not correct her statements”.

“Ilaria Brunelli must resign from the City Council. His statements are unbelievable and politically deplorable. He can continue to say what he thinks, but I don’t think he can continue to play his role in the City Council. Bassano does not deserve to have such a confused administrator “, adds the senator of Italy Viva Daniela Sbrollini, while the councilor Giovanni Cunico, also of IV, specifies: “The mayor has tolerated for months the unspeakable no-vax releases of the group leader Pavan Mayor, without ever stemming even the most radical shots in any way. A majority that has silenced the already narrow moderate component, now finds itself having to answer for a councilor who, in order to appear, allows herself to offend the victims of Covid and their families “.

Ilaria Brunelli’s brother, also on Facebook, finally sent an “open letter” to his sister, on which he writes: “A message so structured and therefore strong, it is better to communicate it in a personal way, face-to-face, without throwing it into the” techno-punaro “social. There are a lot of good people with whom it is worth investing time in confrontations in person “. And she replies: “In the midst of so much evil read today my brother writes me a letter … and everything is fine!”.


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