Contagion today, Emilia Romagna Covid bulletin of 18 September 2021. Data

Contagion today, Emilia Romagna Covid bulletin of 18 September 2021. Data
Contagion today, Emilia Romagna Covid bulletin of 18 September 2021. Data

Bologna, 18 September 2021 – The epidemic is still slowing in Emilia Romagna: I’m 403 the new Covid infections detected by today’s bulletin on 38,746 swabs performed (yesterday 473) and with a 1% positivity rate. Another 5, unfortunately, the victims (yesterday 7). In slight push-ups hospitalizations: unchanged, compared to yesterday, the number of patients with Sars-CoV-2 treated in intensive care (41); those in ordinary departments decreased by 4 (407).

The contagion map sees Modena with 83 new cases, followed by Bologna (59) plus 11 in the Imola area e Ravenna (47); then Reggio Emilia (42), Parma (39), Rimini (31), Piacenza (27), Ferrara (26). Therefore the area of Forlì (22) and the area of Cesena (16).

The tragedy in Ravenna Gabriele Gazzani killed by Covid. “He was vaccinated, he swabbed regularly”

The Emilian from Romagna 185 are healed more than yesterday and reach 393,412. THE active cases, that is to say, the actual sick under the health service, to date, are 13,274 (+213) compared to yesterday). 96.6% of active cases are in isolation at home, with no symptoms or with mild symptoms.

As for the vaccine, after the announcement by the Government onGreen Pass obligation in the workplace from next October 15, there is a net increase in bookings in Emilia Romagna: yesterday they were 8,037, double compared to about 4 thousand the previous day. At 2 pm a total of 6,264,348 doses were administered; out of the total, 3,004,042 are the people who have completed the vaccination cycle. Here the count in real time.

Coronavirus data Italy, September 18, 2021

I am 4,578 Covid test positives identified in Italy in the last 24 hours, according to data from Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 4,552. Instead, there are 51 victims in one day, yesterday there were 66. There are 355,933 swabs, including molecular and antigenic, processed in 24 hours which reveal a positivity rate equal to 1.3%.

As for hospitalizations, there are 519 patients hospitalized in intensive care for Covid in Italy, 6 less than yesterday in the balance between entries and exits. Daily admissions are 31 (yesterday they were 34). The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 3,958, 31 less than yesterday.

The currently positive are 113,040 in total.

The discharged / healed are 4,388,951 with an increase of 5,756 units in the last 24 hours.

The region with the highest number of new cases in the past 24 hours is the Lombardy (765) followed by Sicily (643), Veneto (536) and Emilia Romagna (403).

Contagions in Emilia Romagna

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, they have been registered in Emilia-Romagnathe 420,118 cases of positivity, 403 more than yesterday, out of a total of 38,746 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 1%.

Of the newly infected, 139 are asymptomatic: 94 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 3 with serological screening, 23 through tests for risk categories introduced by the Region, 3 through pre-hospitalization tests. An epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 16 cases.

Among the new positives 170 were already in solitary confinement at the time of the swab execution, 204 were identified within already known outbreaks.

The average age of new positives today is 39 years old.

In the last 24 hours, 12,495 molecular swabs were carried out, for a total of 5,706,250. To these are also added 26,251 rapid antigenic swabs.

there the contagion map since the beginning of the epidemic, which refer not to the province of residence, but to the one in which the diagnosis was made: 26,010 to Piacenza (+27 compared to yesterday, of which 10 symptomatic), 31,921 a Parma (+39, of which 17 symptomatic), 50,696 a Reggio Emilia (+42, of which 33 symptomatic), 71.130 a Modena (+83, of which 52 symptomatic), 88,114 a Bologna (+59, of which 48 symptomatic), 13,413 cases a Imola (+11, of which 5 symptomatic), 25,408 a Ferrara (+26 of which 11 symptomatic), 33.005 a Ravenna (+47, of which 32 symptomatic), 18,297 a Forlì (+22, of which 19 symptomatic), 21,267 a Cesena (+16, of which 13 symptomatic) and 40,857a Rimini (+31, of which 24 symptomatic).

The Region announces that “compared to what was communicated in recent days, 2 cases have been eliminated, positive for antigen tests but not confirmed by the molecular swab”.

Covid deaths in Emilia Romagna

Today’s bulletin records 5 deaths linked to the pandemic: one in the province of Piacenza (a 93-year-old woman), two in the province of Reggio Emilia (a 69-year-old woman and a 97-year-old man); two in the province of Modena (both men, respectively 95 and 97 years old).

In total, there have been deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic 13.432.


Unchanged, compared to yesterday, the number of Emilian Romagna patients admitted to intensive care. I am 41, distributed as follows:: 3 in Piacenza (number unchanged compared to yesterday); 5 in Parma (unchanged); 3 in Reggio Emilia (unchanged); 5 in Modena (unchanged); 11 in Bologna (+1); 2 in Imola (unchanged); 7 in Ferrara (unchanged); 1 in Forlì (unchanged); 4 in Rimini (-1). No hospitalization in intensive care in Ravenna and Cesena.

On the other hand, 407 patients are hospitalized in other Covid wards (-4 compared to yesterday).

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