4,578 new cases and 51 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing

4,578 new cases and 51 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing
4,578 new cases and 51 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing

Covid Italy, bulletin today 18 September 2021. I am 4,578 the positives to Covid tests identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 4,552. I am instead 51 victims in one day, yesterday there were 66. Since the start of the pandemic, 4,632,275 cases have been, and 130,284 deaths. On the other hand, the discharged and healed are 4,388,951, with an increase of 5,756 compared to yesterday, while the currently positive ones are 113,040, with a decrease of 1,231 cases in the last 24 hours. There are 355,933 swabs, including molecular and antigenic, processed in 24 hours which reveal a positivity rate of 1.3%. Intensive care patients and hospitalized patients with coronavirus symptoms are decreasing. There are a total of 519 hospitalized in intensive care, six fewer than yesterday while the hospitalized with symptoms are 3,958 in total, 31 fewer than yesterday.



In Basilicata, there are 28 new cases of contagion from Sars Cov-2 (all residents), out of a total of 683 molecular swabs, and there is 1 death from Covid-19. This was announced by the Basilicata regional task force with the bulletin referring to the last 24 hours. The deceased person resided in Lagonegro. The Lucanians recovered or negativized are 36. The hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera are 53 (+4) of which 4 in intensive care while the current positives residing in Basilicata are 1,227 (-9). For the vaccination, 2,485 administrations were made yesterday. So far 413,588 Lucanians have received the first dose of the vaccine (74.8 percent) while 353,600 have completed the vaccination cycle (63.9 percent), for a total of 767,188 administrations. The highest percentages are recorded in the 70-79 years age group with 96.1 percent of first doses administered and 91.4 percent completion of the vaccination cycle.


Today, Saturday 18 September, 156 cases out of 15,194 tests for Covid-19 infection were recorded in Puglia, with an incidence of 1.02%. No deaths were reported. The new positives are 55 in the province of Bari, 28 in the Brindisi area, 25 in the Lecce area, 19 in the Foggiano, 18 in the Tarantino, 11 in the province of Bat, 1 resident outside the region, while 1 case of unknown residence has been reclassified and attributed. Since the beginning of the emergency, 3,525,679 tests have been carried out and 3,231 cases are currently positive. The total number of Covid positive cases in Puglia is 267,037 and 257,042 patients are cured.


The new Covid cases recorded in Tuscany in the 24 hours are 326 out of 19,051 tests of which 7,701 molecular swabs and 11,350 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 1.71% (6.1% on first diagnoses). This was reported by the governor of the Region Eugenio Giani. Compared to yesterday, new cases are down (there were 494) on a greater number of laboratory tests (yesterday 18,241 tests of which 8,705 molecular swabs and 9,536 rapid tests) therefore the rate of new positives drops by a net percentage point (it was state 2.71%).

South Tyrol

There are 73 new positive cases from Covid-19 in South Tyrol, of which 45 ascertained in the last 24 hours out of 787 molecular swabs and 28 out of 8,122 antigen tests. Today there is a new death which brings the total to 1,190. There are 22 Covid-19 patients admitted to normal hospital wards, 5 those in isolation in the Colle Isarco and Sarnes structures. Seven are the patients admitted to the resuscitation wards. There are 2,146 people in quarantine / home isolation; 63 are the newly healed.


There are 536 new cases of Covid-19, against 463 yesterday, in Veneto where there are also two deaths in the last 24 hours. The data emerges from the regional bulletin, which brings the totals to 464,819 and 11,738 respectively. The number of patients currently in care, which is 12,211 (-245) and hospitalizations in the ordinary wards, which are 263 (-2), are decreasing; and the number of ICU patients, now 56 (-1).


«Today in Lazio on 9,368 molecular swabs and 13,996 antigenic swabs for a total of 23,364 swabs, there are 376 new positive cases for Sars-CoV-2 (+8). There are 2 deaths (-3), 429 hospitalized (-6), 58 intensive care (+3) and 607 recovered. The ratio of positives to buffers is 1.6%. The new cases in Rome city are at an altitude of 220 ». This was announced in a note by the councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, at the end of the videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19 with the general directors of the ASL and hospitals, university polyclinics and the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome.


According to the Covid-19 emergency bulletin released by the Health Protection Department of the Calabria Region, 201 new infections are registered (out of 4,087 swabs carried out), +282 recovered and 2 deaths (for a total of 1,371 deaths). The bulletin also records -83 currently positive, -80 in isolation, -3 hospitalized and, finally, stable intensive care (for a total of 15). The Crotone ASP communicates 23 new positive subjects of which 5 migrants and one from the Catanzaro ASP. The Asp of Cosenza announces that a patient admitted to Covid Rossano, who tested false positive, has been eliminated from the list of hospitalized.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on 3,851 molecular swabs, 80 new infections have been detected with a positive percentage of 2.07%. There are also 6,921 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which 17 cases (0.24%) were detected. A previously reported molecular test confirmed case, after verification, was reclassified as an antigen test confirmed case. Today the death of a 97-year-old man residing in Trieste is recorded; 10 people are hospitalized in intensive care, of which 9 do not appear to have been vaccinated, while patients in other departments drop to 41. This was announced by the deputy governor of the Region with responsibility for Health.

Emilia Romagna

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, 420,118 cases of positivity have been recorded in Emilia-Romagna, 403 more than yesterday, out of a total of 38,746 swabs performed (12,495 molecular 26,251 rapid antigenic) in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 1%. Unfortunately, there are five deaths. These are the data – ascertained at 12 noon today on the basis of institutional requests – relating to the progress of the epidemic in the region. Of the newly infected, 139 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. The average age of new positives today is 39.


In Trentino, no deaths from Covid-19 and 49 new infections, while hospitalized patients decreased slightly (yesterday no new admissions and 2 discharges brought the total to 15, one of which in intensive care). The new healed are 22. The swabs analyzed yesterday were 4,478, a figure that includes 562 molecular swabs that have identified 9 new positive cases, confirming 37 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. The latter were 3,916, 40 of which tested positive. There are 13 infections among children and young people today: there are 3 children under 2 years old, 5 between 6-10 years, 3 between 11-13 years and 2 between 14-19 years. The positive cases detected among the elderly (in the 70-79 years range) now stop at 3. This morning the vaccines administered reached 720,200: this figure includes 333,597 second doses and those administered in the over 80, 70-79 and 60-69 age groups which are respectively 67,839, 91,587 and 109,413.


With 74,638 swabs carried out there are 765 new cases in Lombardy with the positivity rate growing to 1% (yesterday 0.8%). Intensive care patients decreased (-2, 57) while the other wards increased (+11, 438). There are two deaths, for a total of 33,981 deaths since the start of the pandemic. As for the provinces, the new cases are 287 in Milan, 90 in Brescia, 83 in Monza and Brianza, 58 in Bergamo, 54 in Varese, 44 in Pavia, 40 in Mantua, 36 in Como, 17 in Lecco, 10 in Lodi and Cremona, 8 in Sondrio.

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