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From the aid worker in Mauritius to the therapist. Who is behind the movement that managed to be hosted in the Senate? Myths, lies, illusions: Suffumigi anti virus

Their guru peaked our pandemic in Mauritius (I’m not an idiot, Mourinho would say). Looking thoughtfully at the doctors there (where, certainly not surprisingly, there were only a dozen deaths), the cooperating Mauro Rango, who is not a medical doctor, has come up with an anti-Covid cocktail. And his movement, IppocrateOrg, soon turned it into forms for adherents, sick and scared of Big Pharma. Exempting the attending physician from any responsibility, the undersigned asks to be treated with hydroxychloroquine, colchicine and ivermectin, off label, it says. Off label, use that differs from therapeutic indications, it is not haphazard: because we are talking about a drug for gout, a controversial antimalarial and a pesticide for livestock against which the federal agency FDA has warned Americans after the use of centers poisoning had quintupled: You are not horses, you are not cows, stop using it !.

Grandma’s or Cagliostro’s remedies against the scourge of the new century: for which, of course, there would be an easy cure, but the Specter obscures your knowledge. Information is not at the service of the user, but of political, party and power currents. That move the threads. In whose interest? She wonders, understandably distressed, Laura Campanelli, coming from the school world and converted to virology alongside the guru since the first steps of the movement between email and social media. If, moreover, as Rango argues with certainty in the founding texts, it is a question of scratching the veil that separates us from reality, well, every good chance. One who manages to scratch a veil may well convince thousands (?) Of dazed Italians looking for a word of comfort, however unlikely it may be.

For sure, he and his associates persuaded the most radical Salvinian avant-garde: lformer Northern League cycling champion Roberta Ferrero, blessed with bits of the parliamentary group like Alberto Bagnai and Massimiliano Romeo,
to have hosted a world conference in the Senate on Monday which, catapulting this parallel science to the fore embarrassed the president Casellati, forced to hastily withdraw a welcome granted more for reasons of etiquette than coalition (poor Salvini, in deficit of control over his own, Socratically made it known that he did not know, only informed at the last: like Hyde with Jekyll, the disheveled League of struggle indeed enjoys a lot in embarrassing the cautious governing League).

Mind you. The Northern League milieu is there
. Sometimes with the oversized accents of Francesca Donato, the MEP who is a fan of the pesticide who went so far as to mock the family of a doctor who died of Covid (only to apologize for it later); sometimes with the Dickensian ones of Claudio Borghi which, against the obligation of a green pass, he feared pictures of unvaccinated kids who remain outside with their noses stuck to the window of the restaurant while inside parents and grandparents, equipped passes, gorge themselves on delicacies … And yet it would be a mistake to reduce the world that has manifested itself to a Madama Palace. Rango and his people speak to the uncertain and bewildered, to whom the utmost respect and (within the limits of scientific plausibility) are due the truth. And if indeed his movement has a hundred volunteer doctors, as Campanelli argued in a lunar broadcast on Italian Radio in Florida last April 1 (yes, the date that), they must be recognized, unless proven otherwise, good faith and desire to help the sick in the first instance and at home.

The point: with what care and what skills? The aid worker who, in June a year ago, explained the miracle of Covid-free Mauritius thanks to hydroxychloroquine and hyperimmune plasma (actually useless on serious patients and unavailable in adequate doses for the many mild ones) climbed to the first place of Amazon in the category Encyclopedias and reference works with his Healing Covid-19 at home (€ 14.89). At the conference he ventured into comparisons between the dead of Mauritius and those of Lombardy which caused some tremors of indignation even in the best disposed. For the health of our homeland, the Earth certainly fights the anti Covid dentist Andrea Stramezzi, famous home therapist
at a distance: At the moment I am following a patient in Belgium, one in Rio, one in Greece and one in Dubai at the same time.

The gastroenterologist Fabio Burigana, director of the scientific committee of IppocrateOrg, an indefatigable apostle of vitamin D and regrets that anyone who wants to stuff a Covid patient with it is treated like a sorcerer. Ready to climb the pyre, he accuses the scientific societies of doing what the clergy once did by preventing the reading of the Gospels (also a somewhat controversial topic). Worshipers of Luc Montagnier, the Nobel laureate who, denied by all his colleagues, became the main diffuser of conspiracy theories, the followers of Rango also count on an international brigade, no less controversial.

Robert Malone (sadly not even a relative of Jimmy Malone, the cop hero of the Untouchables) not only considered by the medical community to be a great spreader of lies about Covid and vaccines that would induce tumors and infertility, but was also forced to downsize the news that he was the inventor of mRNA vaccines: the credit goes to biochemist Katalin Karik (he then claimed to be his mentor, she to have met him only once in 1997 …). American Pierre Kory, as buffalo hunter David Puente recalls, was tested by PolitiFact colleagues for claiming that ivermectin cancels transmission of the virus. Similar grains for Stephen Malthouse connected via digital to the dirty dozen (the twelve most famous influencers in the world for spreading fake news).

Of course, net of poisonings, there is hope to be reckoned with. If they are harmless, why not give them? Burigana asked herself again about vitamins. And, nevertheless, one wonders if hope, misplaced, is not a poison. A post by IppocrateOrg of November 7, 2020 launches the fumigations against the pandemic: The inhalation of simple water vapor manages to make the viruses less active, to kill them. Comments in this vein follow: I recovered from Covid in March by making fresh grated ginger fumigations.

Angrily replying to the many criticisms, Roberta Ferrero argued that ivermectin is also valid for humans, as stated in the Official Gazette, forgetting that in the Official Gazette 199 of 20 May this year, the drug Iverscab authorized for scabies and various parasitic diseases, not justified in the absence of itching: stop. And while we quarrel over conferences and nonsense, even the Mauritius that inspired Rango are now living their tragedy: 12,600 infections in two months, double the number of Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to the continental average. Because, like the truth, not even paradises manage to remain off label.

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