“RT and incidence drop in Lazio. Vaccines highway”

“RT and incidence drop in Lazio. Vaccines highway”
“RT and incidence drop in Lazio. Vaccines highway”

Covid, D’Amato: “RT and incidence drop in Lazio. High road vaccines “

“In Lazio, thanks to the good coverage of the vaccination campaign, the decline in RT continues, reaching 0.74. The incidence also falls, which is currently below 40 positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. These are important and encouraging numbers that confirm the validity of the vaccination campaign, also in relation to what is happening at the national level. The monitoring of the data of the week 8-14 August published by the Gimbe Foundation concerning the whole nation validates that this trend is occurring at a widespread level throughout the peninsula. Cases, ordinary hospitalizations, intensive care and deaths throughout Italy are decreasing.

Another very important data, raised by the weekly monitoring, concerns the effectiveness of the vaccine which from April to today is confirmed as high in reducing deaths (96.3%) and severe forms of disease that require hospitalization in the medical area (93 , 4%) and in intensive care (95.7%) .All this is the result of the vaccination campaign that continues rapidly in the sole service of the well-being of citizens and the whole community. Vaccines are the main road and serve to secure the country “.

The councilor for Health and Social-Sanitary Integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, writes in a note.


incidence drop Lazio Vaccines highway

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