the bulletin of September 16, 2021

the bulletin of September 16, 2021
the bulletin of September 16, 2021

New cases on the rise compared to yesterday but current positives and hospitalizations still decreasing in Sicily. The Island – after yesterday’s break – returns to being the first region of Italy: in fact, 878 Covid infections discovered in the last 24 hours out of 18,682 swabs (rate of 4.6%). While the 1,754 healed bring down to 22,720,000 (-896) people who currently have the virus. Ordinary hospitalizations are decreasing – a trend that has been going on for days now: compared to yesterday there are 35 fewer patients (697 in total), while the balance of intensive care beds occupied is +1 (99 in all) with 10 new entries.

On the other hand, 20 deaths were reported. Again not all refer to the last 24 hours. The Region in fact clarifies that 6 died yesterday, 8 day 14, 2 day 13, one day 12, one day 11, while two even died on August 16 and 17; almost a month ago.

The map by province: Palermo: 82,251 (129); Catania: 72,246 (295); Messina: 33,070 (169); Syracuse: 22,202 (107); Ragusa: 19,255 (53); Trapani: 19.001 (53); Caltanissetta: 17,421 (23); Agrigento: 16,889 (29); Enna: 9.027 (20)

Green pass, the tampons will not be free

The unions had asked for free swabs for those who are not vaccinated will need frequent swabs to get the green pass but the government was clear yesterday: the community will not be responsible for those who refuse the free vaccine. But a concession from Draghi has arrived: the tampons – we read on – will remain at a controlled price, indeed, the cost will fall further. The new green pass decree that will be approved today by the council of ministers provides that – in addition to the extension of the green pass to workplaces from 15 October – the obligation for pharmacies to carry out tampons at controlled prices: 15 euros and eight euros for minors. On the other hand, tampons will be free for all fragile subjects who cannot be vaccinated.

Tampons at 15 and 8 euros
Tampons at 15 euros for adults;
Swabs at 8 euros for minors;
Free swabs for vaccine-free.

We remind you that the new decree provides for the suspension from work and the freezing of the salary of the employee without a green pass after 5 days of access to the factory or office without certification. Specific sanctions are envisaged for those who evade controls or for employers who do not arrange them.

For those who continue to refuse the anti covid vaccine (for which the introduction of a legal obligation is not yet envisaged), there will be no other way than to undergo frequent swabs: in fact, there is no change in the duration of validity of the same that – to get the Green pass – it stays for 48 hours. The question, as far as we know, was raised during the control room at Palazzo Chigi in view of the Cdm this afternoon. The request was to evaluate a possible extension to 72 hours, but to date there are no indications in this sense from the health authorities and therefore, while undertaking to investigate the choices made in the rest of Europe, for now the government holds firm to the term. valid for two days.

Mortality data in Palermo

The report on the daily mortality trend in Italian cities updated to 24 August 2021 has been published by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Epidemiology of the Lazio Region. “The data contained in the report report – highlights Girolamo D’Anneo, head of the Statistics Office of the Municipality, which developed the focus on our city – confirm the dramatic increase in total mortality in the city of Palermo already noted in previous reports. , after a slowdown recorded in July, starting from early August there was again a significantly higher mortality than expected. As noted in the Report, the increase in the last period is partly attributable to the fourth epidemic wave and partly to heat waves that mainly affected the southern regions.

In January, 763 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 684 in the last 5 years (+79 deaths, equal to + 12%). In February, 575 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 588 in the last 5 years (-13 deaths, equal to -2%). In the month of March, 680 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 619 in the last 5 years (+60 deaths, equal to + 10%). In April, 653 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 530 over the last 5 years (+123 deaths, equal to + 23%). In the month of May, 548 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 469 in the last 5 years (+79 deaths, equal to + 17%). In June, 545 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 448 in the last 5 years (+97 deaths, equal to + 22%). In July, 486 deaths were recorded in Palermo, against an average of 477 in the last 5 years (+9 deaths, equal to + 2%). In the first 15 days of August the deaths recorded in Palermo were 333, against an average of the last 5 years of 241 (+92 deaths, equal to + 38%).

Turning to a weekly analysis of deaths, there are particularly high peaks in excess mortality in the weeks from 20 to 26 January (+ 34.5%), from 24 to 30 March (+ 40.3%) and from 14 to 20 April (+ 33.6%), from 23 to 29 June (+ 45.5%) and in the first three weeks of August: from 4 to 10 August (+ 35.5%), from 11 to 17 August ( + 65.4%) and from 18 to 24 August (+ 37.6%). In absolute value, from 30 December 2020 to 24 August 2021, 4821 deaths were recorded in Palermo, with an increase of 601 units (+ 14.2%) compared to the average of the last 5 years “.

The numbers of Covid in Italy

Today’s bulletin Thursday 16 September

  • New cases: 5,117
  • Swabs (diagnostic and control): 306.267
  • Currently positive: 116,342
  • Hospitalized: 4,018
  • Hospitalized in ICU: 531
  • Died after a positive swab: 130,167 (new 67)
  • Discharged / Healed: 4,376,646
  • Vaccinated: 40,462,758 people equal to 74.92% of the population over 12 years old. Yesterday 218 thousand doses were administered, of which 59 thousand first doses. The vaccination campaign has involved as of today 25 August 2021 92% of the over 80, 89% of the seventy, and 85% of the sixty, 78% of the fifty, 70% of the forty, 66% of the thirty and the 69% of 20-year-olds and 47% of adolescents fully vaccinated with a double or single dose of JJ. The updated vaccine report on the government website.

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