Covid, two pregnant women in intensive care in Padua. Dal Ben: “Get vaccinated, there’s no risk”

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“We have recently been hospitalized in intensive care two positive pregnant women at Covid and not vaccinated “. The tone of voice of Giuseppe Dal Ben, general manager of the Padua hospital, becomes decidedly more serious when, in the middle of the usual weekly update on the progress of the pandemic, announces the hospitalization of a couple of future mothers (respectively 30 and 40 years old) in the critical area.

The appeal to be vaccinated

a a problem that greatly distresses the CEO Dal Ben, who takes advantage of it for renew an appeal already launched on several occasions in recent weeks: “I appeal to young women expecting a child: get vaccinated, vaccinated and vaccinated again, I repeat this three times to make you understand that there is no danger“. To get the message across even more convincingly, the general manager brought the doctor to the field Maria Teresa Gervasi, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit, who provided some data able to better photograph the situation: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have hospitalized 129 pregnant women, of which 45 in the current year: of these, 7 had interstitial pneumonia and it was therefore necessary to move them to the infectious disease ward, but for 5 of them the clinical picture was so serious that it was transferred to the critical area, where at the moment there are also the two positive and non-immunized pregnant women ».

«Vaccine in pregnancy? No risk “

It is on this last front that Dr. Gervasi’s attention inevitably shifts, and she affirms without fear of denial: “Receiving the double administration of the anti-Covid vaccine during pregnancy does not cause any harm to either the pregnant woman or the child she carries in her womb. Before there was not much literature on the subject, but just this summer a study carried out on a sample of 90 thousand pregnant women who underwent vaccination was published in an authoritative magazine and the results tell us that there was no increase in abortions. malformations or premature births, problems that have been accentuated for women affected by Coronavirus. We also have no access to our hospital for vaccine complications in pregnancy».

Mini vaccination center for pregnant women

A feedback that further pushed the Padua hospital to act, creating a sort of mini vaccination center dedicated to pregnant women, which will come into operation shortly in the hospital in via Giustiniani: “I realized – adds Maria Teresa Gervasi – that most future mothers do not immunize themselves due to a lack of secure information on: just think that all those who spent the last three weeks in our department for visits and checks, decided to get vaccinated after receiving specific clarifications and timely answers. We advise all pregnant women to inoculate the vaccine once the third month has passed, but even those who are breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy can do it without problems ». A suggestion that is not, however, received uniformly at a general level: several pro-vaccine gynecologists, for example, recommend waiting for the sixth month of gestation or even giving birth before getting immunized.

I almost limit

The news of the last few weeks is also full of borderline cases, the last of which occurred on 7 September at the vaccination center in Piazzale Roma, in Venice, where a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy was denied the anti- Covid by one of the doctors on duty, who urged her to first obtain a certificate of good health for both her and the fetus from her trusted gynecologist. A fact on which theUsl 3 Serenissima clarifies: «This request is the result of the arbitrary decision of a doctor, who acted on his own initiative. Already 6 days ago, that is Thursday 9th, the doctor was formally reminded to respect the guidelines of the scientific societies, without requiring further certifications. The company, however, provided for the vaccination of the interested party, which took place on Monday 13“. That is, a few days later Alessandra, Giacomo’s future mother, called by the Padua hospital to bring her testimony to close the focus on vaccines and pregnancy: “When I discovered I was pregnant I was told to wait until the third month for the ‘immunization: in the end I got vaccinated at the Fair between mid-August and early September and I haven’t had any side effects, so I advise all pregnant women to do like me ».

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