The third dose of the vaccine in Rome and Lazio: all the information

The third dose of the vaccine in Rome and Lazio: all the information
The third dose of the vaccine in Rome and Lazio: all the information

Lazio has already prepared the plan to inoculate the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine to the most fragile patients. In fact, on Monday, vaccinations for transplant recipients will start. In October it will then be the turn of the guests of the RSA and the over 80 year olds. The Region’s roadmap, at least broadly speaking, has already been set.

Rieti will start the third dose phase. The announcement by the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato in the bulletin on infections in Rome and Lazio on September 14: “The first transplant recipients for third dose administration were recruited in the ASL of Rieti”.

And so, pending the ministerial circular, the Lazio Region has already begun to contact the first people who will receive the third dose of the anti Covid-19 vaccine. “We are already recruiting solid organ transplants, which in our region are about 5 thousand”, Alessio D’Amato said yesterday at the IC ‘Bachelet’ in Rome, where the first salivary tests on pupils were carried out.

“We are contacting patients in these hours to fix appointments for next week – underlined the Lazio health councilor – We are waiting for the ministerial circular in which the other priority subjects will be identified, certainly there will be the immunosuppressed and the part In the meantime, we are calling the transplant recipients because they could potentially have a lower rate of antibody levels and therefore a recall increases the capacity for prevention and safety in case they come into contact with the disease “.

A concept reaffirmed also to the microphones of Radio 1: “Recruiting the 5 thousand transplanted in Lazio means that they are contacting each other one by one and scheduling the appointments that will start as soon as the new informed consent and the circular is available”.

For the administration of the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine, D’Amato explains, “transplanted and immunosuppressed will be contacted by the structures where they are in charge while, when it is subsequently open to over 80s, as it seems to be, these people will have the the same methodology for the first two doses, with the novelty that they can also be booked in the pharmacy in Lazio “.

On the divisions, even in the scientific community, on the need to administer the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine, D’Amato was succinct: “We follow the indications that come to us from the authority, the EMA has approved it and some countries such as Israel they started making calls. “

In short, the plan – pending the government’s ok – at least for the categories most at risk is outlined. For the other categories, from over 60 to thirty, the hypotheses regarding the third dose are still surrounded by a big question mark: the third recall will depend on the clinical studies in progress and the variables are many, such as the variants. As happened in the past, however, the CTS and the Government will dictate the guidelines for the various age groups.

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