Martina Luoni died at 27: she had told about her fight against cancer during the first wave of Covid

Martina Luoni died at 27: she had told about her fight against cancer during the first wave of Covid
Martina Luoni died at 27: she had told about her fight against cancer during the first wave of Covid

Stop to treatment for many cancer patients. It had happened for her, Martina Luoni, the 27-year-old who had decided to tell her experience in a video shared thousands of times. And it had happened for many other patients. For this Martina had chosen to speak, to make people understand how defeating the pandemic was also important for the treatment of other diseases. His was colon cancer diagnosed four years ago. “Today the lioness has lost her battle, now her compass will lead her in search of new sunsets, those she has always dreamed of, always with a smile on her lips that no one will ever be able to extinguish. From today anyone watching a sunset will remember the lioness Martina“, the words of his family on Instagram. Martina, in her video that many will remember made in March 2020, explained: “I had contacted a Milanese hospital for ovarian conservation before starting chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but I lost this possibility due to Covid now I am waiting to know if my pathology will make an operation possible. Mine is both a complaint and an appeal a complaint because it seems incredible to me that more has not been done to be ready for the second wave but also an appeal to citizens to respect the rules, so as not to subject health facilities to a excessive pressure. When you say that this is a flu and ‘I’m so young’ you must instead think of your sister, your mother, your grandfather. Your families – I do not wish you – may need medical attention, even not for Covid. But, guys, the cures are taken away from us!“. Respect the rules to get out of it, so as not to stop health care. An important message so much that the Lombardy region he had chosen her as a testimonial in a video against the coronavirus and today words of condolence arrive on the Facebook page of the governor Fontana: “I still find it hard to believe. Martina Luoni, the young woman from Solaro who has contributed in a convinced and important way to support our campaign to fight Covid, has left us. The disease that has plagued him for some time has unfortunately prevailed. We will never forget her smile, the energy of a stubborn and determined twenty-seven year old. The determined and sunny look with which, walking on the lookout of Palazzo Lombardia, he invited everyone to fight against the virus. A prayer for her. For his loved ones the condolences of all the Lombards. Rest in peace”.

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