Boris Johnson ready to relax vaccination passport regulations

Boris Johnson ready to relax vaccination passport regulations
Boris Johnson ready to relax vaccination passport regulations


The news in brief of 12 September

September 12, 2021

The data of the vaccinated as of 11 September 2021
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    Garattini: “Now we can certainly exclude long-term side effects of vaccines”

    “Almost a year has passed since the experimentation and long-term effects have not been seen.” This is what the pharmacologist Silvio Garattini says in an interview with Il Giorno on the possible adverse effects of vaccines. “What we have observed in recent months, and all over the world, is that most of the adverse events arose shortly – he underlines – for almost 80% of cases on the day of vaccination or the next day, and in any case almost totally within one week of vaccination ». He adds: “In virology, usually if a complication does not emerge within six months, a vaccine is considered safe. And so it is in the state ».

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    Boris Johnson ready to relax vaccination passport regulations

    While in Italy and in other European countries it is thought to accelerate on the green pass and even the hypothesis of compulsory vaccination is being considered, there are those who, after the squeeze, are preparing to loosen the restrictions in terms of vaccination certification. It is the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who in the coming days will announce the new guidelines of his government on the subject of combating the contagion from Covid19. According to rumors, the British executive would be ready to soften the rules currently in force that require the vaccine passport for entry into night clubs, sports facilities and cinemas.

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    Japan, more than 50% of the adult population vaccinated

    More than 50% of the Japanese population has been vaccinated against Covid19. The authorities have made it known. The vaccination campaign in the Asian country started later than in Europe and the United States due to a different approval system and clinical tests. However, once the machine started, the rate of administration increased significantly to one million doses per day.


Boris Johnson ready relax vaccination passport regulations

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