Sicily, the Democratic Party attacks Musumeci: “For the Covid emergency 287 direct assignments have been assigned. Three to the same person in a few days”

Sicily, the Democratic Party attacks Musumeci: “For the Covid emergency 287 direct assignments have been assigned. Three to the same person in a few days”
Sicily, the Democratic Party attacks Musumeci: “For the Covid emergency 287 direct assignments have been assigned. Three to the same person in a few days”
Three assignments entrusted to the same professional within a few days. Out of a total of 287 assignments all entrusted on a direct and fiduciary basis to freelancers or companies. All, according to the Pd, “illegitimate“. For this reason they are now asking the revocation not only to the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, commissioner for the Covid emergency, not only to his delegate Totò D’Urso, but also to the prosecutor of Palermo, the Court of Auditors and the Anac.

These are all assignments related to the strengthening of the Sicilian hospital network. For which we are at stake 250 million, 127 by the state, and 123 by regional finance. And on which yet another Sicilian war of numbers is taking place. The case is raised by the regional councilor dem, In the Dipasquale, which he asked in a question clarifications on the plan: assignments, achievements, publications. “A very simple question”, comments the dem. But Musumeci’s delegate did not like it, who even replied by announcing the complaint: “I asked to be received by the Public Prosecutor of Palermo to present a complaint against the Honorable Dipasquale because with his improvised statements undermines the integrity and serenity of a structure strongly committed to the protection of the health of Sicilians ”, is his answer that D’Urso has entrusted to the agencies. A question from a regional councilor, to which the president’s delegate replies by announcing a complaint: the dem reaction was not long in coming, but they were not the only ones to react. Even the president of Ars, Gianfranco Micciché, called into question by the Democratic Party, replied: “D’Urso must be stopped and calmed down. It is not clear under what title he makes a complaint to a deputy who has asked a parliamentary question to find out about the situation. But are we mad? Tell Mr. D’Urso that I, in the name of Ars, will act as a civil party alongside the deputy of the Democratic Party, Dipasquale, if there should be a cause ”.

A very harsh response from the president of Ars, entrusted to the journalist de Sicily, Mario Barresi. But it is precisely the delegate’s “oversized” reaction that pushes Dipasquale: “Given his decomposed reaction, I became suspicious and instead of waiting for the answer to the question, on April 9 I did it directly an access to the documents“. And so emerged the triple assignment entrusted to the president of the order of engineers of Ragusa, Vincenzo Di Martino, which according to the Democratic Party is politically close to It will become beautiful, the Musumeci movement. “Safety coordinator in the execution phase for the expansion of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care beds” for the Hospital Guzzardi di Vittoria and for the Major Hospital of Modica, extension works of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care beds, Works for the realization of 14 places of intensive care at the Giovanni Paolo II hospital in Ragusa. Three assignments, out of four planned in the province of Ragusa, all entrusted to Di Martino between 4 and 10 February: “At the moment there is no revocation, and certainly on 9 April, three resolutions and as many acknowledgments, confirm that three assignments had been entrusted to the same professional “. Contrary to what is required by law, according to the dem. For the Democratic Party not only these three assignments but all the assignments are illegitimate: “We say this for their own protection: beware that we are committing a serious violation of the law”, He also warns Antonello Cracolici, historical representative of the Sicilian Democratic Party, and regional councilor.

In fact, the Democratic Party asks for the revocation of all offices, making a written request to Musumeci, to D’Urso himself, but also to the prosecutor of Palermo, the Court of Auditors and the Anac. That is, the revocation of all the positions entrusted so far by D’Urso. In all 287, including 56 assignments per design, 62 for construction management, 64 for safety coordinator, 92 for testing, and 13 assignments for geological surveys. All, according to the Sicilian Democratic Party “illegitimate”. But why? “Disapplied the current procurement legislation of engineering services with particular reference to art. 36 of the law decree 34/2020 and of the guidelines n.4 issued by the ANAC on the procedures for entrusting the services “, write the Sicilian demos in the request for revocation. And they insist: “According to the provisions of the simplification decree on Covid fiduciary appointments can be entrusted within the threshold of 75 thousand euros. The formula used in the resolutions by the executive commissioner is not legitimate, it does not indicate amounts, providing for a reduction in the 15 percent or a higher percentage if the threshold exceeds: we are talking about a resolution that can be challenged by any professional to obtain the full amount envisaged by the planning and not indicated in the resolution: it seems clear that this is a way to circumvent the rule ”, explains Cracolici.

For the dem there is no doubt: “The umpteenth intervention that probably hides who knows what other objectives: we do not believe these professionals could have been chosen under a tree. Therefore, we say: beware that you cannot do it this way, we are going to meet a tax damage, administrative damage, and any implications of another nature “. “There special structure did not make any tender having accepted those celebrated by the national structure ”, explained D’Urso after the first question by Dipasquale, a moment before announcing the lawsuit. And he continued: “For better understanding, we did not choose either the contractors or the equipment suppliers. The assignments were awarded under the so-called ‘Simplification decree‘, which requires administrations to choose i professionals in a trustworthy manner when the amount of the service is less than 75 thousand euros excluding charges and taxes. I agree perfectly with what was said by the Ars vice president Roberto Di Mauro which he expelled from the classroom during the debate of the financial company Dipasquale calling him a ‘provocateur’ “. Just yet another clash on the management of the Covid emergency in Sicily.

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