will be able to vaccinate all categories

will be able to vaccinate all categories
will be able to vaccinate all categories

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A new agreement was signed between the Calabria Region and general practitioners which, in fact, extends the previous convention to include new categories to be vaccinated. In fact, the agreement signed a few months ago involved general practitioners only in administering the sera to the over 80 population.

The vaccine target

Evidently the need to increase the number of daily vaccinations has finally led the commissioner ad acta, Guido Longo, to resort once again to the involvement of general practitioners, a capillary network on the territory capable of reaching even the municipalities furthest from the centers. urban. The target for Calabria was set at at least 20 thousand administrations per day but even yesterday the data were well below that threshold. Across the region the number of inoculated doses stood at just over 6 thousand, 6,442 to be exact

The agreement

The activation, therefore, of the hub centers from now on will go hand in hand with general practitioners under the agreement signed this morning at the Citadel. The new convention provides an extension to the categories that doctors will be able to take care of from now on: not only over 80 but also over 70 and fragile patients. But the agreement also includes another important clause, in fact it provides for the indefinite involvement of general practitioners without having to negotiate each time that includes new categories.

Sine die

In fact, the document provides for the authorization to carry out vaccines on each category that the national commissioner for the Covid emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, will insert into the vaccination plan from time to time. And so also over 60 and all segments of the population that will gradually be authorized. The amounts that will be paid to doctors by way of reimbursement reflect those set by the national agreement: € 6.16 per vaccine administered in the office and € 18.90 for inoculated doses at home but only where home care has not already been activated.


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