Coronavirus Emilia Romagna 9 September 2021: today’s Covid bulletin. Data and infections

Coronavirus Emilia Romagna 9 September 2021: today’s Covid bulletin. Data and infections
Coronavirus Emilia Romagna 9 September 2021: today’s Covid bulletin. Data and infections

Bologna, 9 September 2021 – Coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna are increasing: today they are registered 449 new positives, in the face of 337 cases announced in yesterday’s bulletin. Over 30 thousand swabs performed, with a 1.5% positivity rate. In the last 24 hours, unfortunately, they are registered 3 dead due to Covid. The number of intensive care units remained stable, with 45 hospitalized, while the number of patients in the Covid medical wards stood at 402 (one less than yesterday).

Thus, the pandemic gives coronavirus does not stop and in Italy the controversy is still raging on green pass obbligatorio for all public and private sector workers. Today the decree was approved that extends the obligation of the green certificate to canteens and cleaners in schools and universities, in addition to the mandatory vaccine for external workers operating in the RSA. A more mitigated solution which is the effect of pressing that Matteo Salvini and the League carried out on Prime Minister Mario Draghi. The decree law of August 26 (on which the League had obstructed) was then approved in the Chamber which provided for the green pass obbligatorio for restaurants, swimming pools and gyms. If the vote is also confirmed in the Senate, the decree will become law.

Covid Bulletin today Italy: Coronavirus infections of 9 September – Healthcare workers no vax: 67 suspended in Bologna

The president of Emilia-Romagna also spoke on the controversy between the League and the government on the mandatory Green Pass for everyone Stefano Bonaccini which, in an interview on The print‘had crushed Salvini: “Vote in favor of the Green Pass in the Council of Ministers and against in Parliament it is a not very responsible attitude. Salvini thinks more about the votes than about the Italians. My fellow presidents of the center-right region act differently. “” Nobody in Italy hopes for a government crisis – records the exponent dem – I would leave Salvini to these tactics, since they do not even bring consent to him. “Just look at the polls, he says. Bonaccini. The same governor, then, on the sidelines of the inauguration of Sana in Bologna, reiterates: “I have always said that I would extend the green pass to everyone or workplaces. I hope that it can be extended because it is a tool to try to counteract the spread and contagion as much as possible “.

Tomorrow, however, the control room will meet for the color change of the regions, but Emilia Romagna has stable and not alarming data, therefore does not risk the yellow zone. In the yellow zone, however, Emilia Romagna is classified bya European weekly map Ecdc which photographs the areas most at risk.

Mandatory green pass at work. “Extension for two categories only”Green pass after the first dose: how and when to get it – How to download the Green pass on your mobile

Coronavirus Emilia Romagna today: bulletin of 9 September 2021

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, they have been registered in Emilia-Romagna 416,228 positive cases, 449 more than yesterday, out of a total of 30,175 swabs performed in the last 24 hours (1.5%). Of the 449 newly infected, 125 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, among the new positives, 151 were already in solitary confinement at the time of swab execution, 236 have been identified within already known outbreaks. The average age of new positives today is 38.3 years.

The situation of infections in the provinces can be seen Modena with 94 new cases, followed by Reggio Emilia (71). Then Rimini (68) e Bologna (62); so Parma (40), Ravenna (27), Ferrara (25), Piacenza (20). In the end, Forlì (16), Cesena and the Imola district (both with 13).

Covid Italy: Coronavirus bulletin 9 September 2021

I am 5,522 Covid test positives identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 5,923. I am instead 59 the victims in one day, a slight decrease compared to yesterday, the day they registered 69 deaths. A total of 291,468 molecular and antigenic swabs for the Coronavirus carried out today in Italy. Yesterday there were 301,980. The rate of positivity is at1,9%, stable compared to 2% yesterday. THE hospitalized I’m 4.230 (5 less than yesterday), 558 patients in intensive care (6 fewer, 38 new entries), 125,130 people in solitary confinement domiciliary, 129,918 the total of the currently positive ones and 4,331,257 those discharged / healed since the beginning of the epidemic.

Deaths from Covid in Emilia Romagna

Unfortunately, in the last 24 hours, they register three deaths: 1 in the province of Parma (an 81 year old man), 1 in the province of Bologna (an 88-year-old woman), 1 In the Rimini (a 92-year-old woman). Therefore, a decrease compared to yesterday, which had recorded 8. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been 13,399 deaths in the region.

Intensive care and hospitalization in Emilia Romagna today

The number of patients admitted to the hospital remains unchanged compared to yesterday intensive care (45); 402 those in the other Covid departments (-1). On the territory, i hospitalized patients in intensive care they are distributed as follows: 4 in Piacenza (+1 compared to yesterday), 4 a Parma (-1), 4 in Reggio Emilia (+1), 5 a Modena (-1), 12 in Bologna (+1), 2 in Imola (unchanged), 5 a Ferrara (-1), 1 a Ravenna (unchanged), 1 in Forlì (+1), 7 in Rimini (unchanged). No hospitalization in intensive care in Cesena (-1).

Cases active and cured by Covid in Emilia Romagna

As for people as a whole heal, I’m 534 more than yesterday and reach an altitude of 387,807. They decrease active cases, i.e. i actual patients, that today there are 15,022 (-88 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation at home, that is, those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, total 14,575 (-87), 97% of the total number of active cases.

The map of the contagion province by province

These i cases of positivity on the territory since the beginning of the epidemic, which refer not to the province of residence, but to the one in which the diagnosis was made: 25,784 to Piacenza (+20 compared to yesterday, of which 9 symptomatic), 31,487 a Parma (+40, of which 26 symptomatic), 50,351 a Reggio Emilia (+71, of which 50 symptomatic), 70,343 a Modena (+94, of which 63 symptomatic), 87,376 a Bologna (+62, of which 50 symptomatic), 13,324 cases a Imola (+13, of which 7 symptomatic), 25,214 a Ferrara (+25, of which 14 symptomatic), 32,700 a Ravenna (+27, of which 24 symptomatic), 18,142 a Forlì (+16, of which 13 symptomatic), 21,076 a Cesena (+13, of which 11 symptomatic) and 40,431 a Rimini (+68, of which 57 symptomatic).

Vaccines: 83% received at least one dose

Almost three million people from Emilia-Romagna have completed the anti-Covid-19 vaccination cycle: a number that raises the percentage of coverage with second dose in the region at 74.4% of the vaccinable population, e all’82,7% considering those who have received at least one dose. The point on the progress of the vaccination campaign in Emilia Romagna it was done on the occasion of the visit of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, at the Piacenza hospital, present the president of the Region.

In particular, these are the coverage percentages by age group: 12-19 years, first dose 66.4% and second dose 46.3%, increased by 6 percentage points in the last week (it was 40% last 2 September); range 20-29, first dose 81.5% and second 63.2%; 30-39 years 74.4% first and 60.7% second; 40-49 years 75.5% and 66.6%; 50-59 years 83.6% first and 78.8% second; 60-69 years 88.8% first and 86.6% second; 70-79 years old 92.8% first and 91.0% second; over 80: 99.5% first dose and 97.6% second.

“For the first time since the end of June, new weekly cases are decreasing – he declares Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation – both as absolute numbers and as a moving average of daily cases which stands at 5,644 “. In the week 1-7 September 2021, compared to the previous one, only 3 Regions recorded a percentage increase in new cases, while in 9 Regions currently positive cases are growing, while Emilia Romagna goes against the trend of the national average. In fact, this week the Region has registered a percentage increase of the total cases of contagion from Covid 19 0.9%. In the last 14 days (25 August-7 September) an incidence of 169 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Yet another blitz, Tuesday morning, inside middle schools of Modena by theprimary school teacher, devoid of the Green Pass that claims to be a victim of ‘omission of official documents’ and discrimination. Some well-known deniers also took part in the blitz. There teacher asks that the head teacher give her an ‘audience’ and that a document is registered that would certify his presence at work and the ‘valid’ self-certification for his entry to school. The police will acquire the complaint presented by the headmaster in the next few hours and the woman will be denounced for interruption of public service.

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