Covid, wife and husband die within hours of each other

Covid, wife and husband die within hours of each other
Covid, wife and husband die within hours of each other

RIVER VENETO – Husband and wife killed (also) by Covid three days away in Fiume Veneto. Luigia Momentè, 84, was defeated by the disease on 1 September. Her husband, the 89-year-old Aldo Rui, on the other hand, died Saturday evening at the Pordenone hospital, in the Pneumology department dedicated to the treatment of the virus. They were both vaccinated, but already seriously ill and did not disappear directly and only because of Covid. Retired, they had always lived in Fiume Veneto.

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The test could also end badly, with a flop. On the other hand, we were talking about a municipality – Erto and Casso – which had proved “cold” towards the vaccination campaign. Instead it was a success destined to pave the way. The forty vaccinated people reached in a single morning (out of 370 residents in total) gave the Region a precise indication: the lightning missions work and can bring about the turning point in the last phase of the vaccination campaign.


«We are satisfied with the work done in Erto and Casso. This is the confirmation we were looking for: we will go on with individual days in the most isolated places », explained the regional vice president, Riccardo Riccardi. Small municipalities, above all, for a door-to-door campaign that will aim to increase data where – numbers in hand – are lower and more worrying. Operations that will start again within the next ten days and that will involve, for example, municipalities with a percentage of vaccinated people (with double dose) of less than 60 percent of the population. Travesio, for example, is already in the sights, as is Caneva. In the province of Pordenone, “blitzes” will also be possible in Vajont or Pravisdomini. In the province of Udine, on the other hand, the focus is on Lauco, in Carnia, but also on Prepotto (on the edge of the Friulian Collio) and Nimis.


Again in relation to the vaccination campaign, but with an overall vision, the president of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, spoke yesterday. And for the first time it has opened the door to the possible introduction of compulsory vaccination. “It is clear that the vaccination obligation will be required on specific categories and I am more than willing to think about it, but the goal must be to walk with the citizens – said yesterday the president of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, on the sidelines of the «Link» journalism festival in Trieste.


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