outbreak among sanitary ware, closed wards – Il Tempo

outbreak among sanitary ware, closed wards – Il Tempo
outbreak among sanitary ware, closed wards – Il Tempo

Antonio Sbraga

05 September 2021

The “fire” of Sant’Eugenio. Twenty months after the start of the pandemic, there is a flashback of hospital outbreaks: this time it has flared up in 3 wards (Medicine, Geriatrics and Nephrology) of the hospital in Piazzale dell’Umanesimo, which has suspended new hospitalizations, barred the entrance to visitors, the evacuation of discharged patients and the sanitation of the premises, where several health workers were infected, were started. Who already last Friday en masse had queued at the drive-in adjacent to the garrison, in Via Rhodesia, to undergo molecular swabs after the first news of some infections had spread between the emergency room and the wards. And yesterday the alarm stopped because, “in consideration of the positivity to the molecular swab for Sars-Cov2 found in the hospitalization areas of Medicine (nuclei DE: BC), Geriatrics and Nephrology”, the health director of Sant’Eugenio , Ermete Gallo, ordered, “for the aforementioned operating units the suspension of new hospitalizations and surveillance of hospitalized patients until the end of the isolation period”.

The manager asked the heads of all departments «to complete the screening of all employees and external companies; the prohibition of access to the ward of relatives-visitors; the temporary blocking of transfers to post-acute hospitalization facilities; the discharge of patients who can return to their homes in fiduciary isolation until the completion of the period of isolation and the progressive liberation of the hospitalization areas and periodic-terminal sanitation “. The disposition of the medical director forwarded to the heads of the various departments “asks, finally, to ensure scrupulous compliance with all the recommendations aimed at preventing the infection from Sars-Cov2, such as hand washing, the correct use of personal protective equipment and respect for social distancing “. A requirement, the latter, which many health professionals believe has been presumably the most deficient in recent times within the hospital.

So much so that, as proof of the hypothesis, the employees recall that just last Friday, after the spread of the first rumors of the infections, the management of Sant’Eugenio had, in fact, considered it “necessary to adopt an urgent and temporary reshaping of welfare activities which allows the creation of a “gray zone” for suspicious patients who enter the emergency room ». With a new, unprecedented location: “No-Covid Emergency Medicine and Room 3 will be used. Therefore, until further notice, up to 12 beds on the fourth floor of the new building will be used to support the activities of Pronto Aid ». The provision also introduced a limitation of the “week-surgery surgical activity: it can be carried out, taking into account the priority classes, exclusively at the beds in the long-surgery surgical area”. But on 31 August last, Sant’Eugenio was inserted again by the Regional Crisis Unit in the Covid network, even if only half of them were operational in the latest report on the state of activation of the new beds (20).

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outbreak among sanitary ware closed wards Tempo

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