Coronavirus in the world: the latest news country by country and updated data for today 4 September

Coronavirus in the world: the latest news country by country and updated data for today 4 September
Coronavirus in the world: the latest news country by country and updated data for today 4 September

The death toll in North America in recent days is rising worryingly, to the point that there is talk of a “fourth wave”. The United States ranks first in total number of cases since the start of the pandemic. The resurgence of the Delta variant also worries other nations. The European Union has removed America and five other countries from the travel white list

The United States is alarmed by the death toll due to Covid-19 which has been rising in a worrying way in recent days, to the point that the country is beginning to talk about a “fourth wave”. The US is in first place for the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 39,850,377 infections and 647,588 total deaths. In the meantime, the European Union has removed the US from the ” white list ” for travel: American tourists who go to European countries will have to observe a 14-day quarantine period. The resurgence of the Delta variant also worries other nations: in New Zealand the first death due to the virus has been recorded since February 16, 2021. Faced with the increase in cases that is compromising the national health system, Cuba has decided to vaccinate children and boys aged two and over. (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL).

In the US there is talk of a “fourth wave”: 1,500 deaths a day

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The daily death toll from Covid in the US is rising worryingly, with an average of about 1,500 deaths a day in the last week, after about 200 at the beginning of July. The Washington Post reports, underlining that new infections are increasing in almost the whole country but only some areas are seeing a parallel increase in deaths. Deaths largely occur in Southern states, with lower vaccination rates. The “bad behavior of the Americans” towards the vaccine and the resurgence of the Delta variant lead to talk of a “fourth wave”. Florida, where 53% are fully vaccinated, is the most affected state with 325 deaths per day and almost 20,000 new infections on the media. In Alabama there is no more space in hospitals to accommodate the dead.

Cuba is the first state to vaccinate children

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As a condition to reopen schools, Cuba has launched a national coronavirus vaccination campaign for children and adolescents aged two to 18. If other countries – such as China and Venezuela – have also announced their intention to vaccinate children, Cuba, faced with an increase in cases that is putting its health system in crisis, is the first to do so. This campaign, carried out with the Cuban vaccines Abdala and Soberana, will initially target adolescents aged 12 and over, and will then be extended to children aged two to 11 from 15 September. The Cuban government has in fact decided that schools will not reopen before having vaccinated all the children in the country: once the campaign is over, it plans to reopen the schools gradually in October and November. The island of 11.2 million inhabitants has recorded 672,599 cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 5,538 have died. At the beginning of August 95,100 Cuban minors contracted the coronavirus and seven died. The composition of Cuban vaccines, not recognized by the WHO, is based on a recombinant protein, the same technique used by the American company Novavax.

In New Zealand the first death since February

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New Zealand yesterday recorded its first death from Covid-19 in six months. Health authorities said they had the latest wave linked to the Delta variant under control. The victim is a 90-year-old woman who had comorbidities and could not be ventilated or receive intensive care. She died in the night in an Auckland hospital. There have been 3,748 cases and 27 deaths across the country since the start of the pandemic. According to the authorities, the woman was infected by a member of her family.

European lockout

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The European Union has removed six countries, including the United States, from a “ white list ” which included states with Covid-19 infections of less than 75 per 100 thousand inhabitants in the previous 14 days. American tourists who will travel to European countries will therefore have to observe a quarantine period of 14 days, unless vaccinated. Also removed from the list Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and the Republic of North Macedonia. In the “ white list ” of the EU remain Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Japan, Jordan, New Zealand, Qatar, Republic of Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea , Ukraine and China. By June, most European countries had reopened their borders to American citizens in an attempt to save the tourist season, although some of them required a negative coronavirus test before embarking on the journey. The United States, on the other hand, had maintained the ban on non-essential travel to Europe, introduced at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. In early August, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that the lack of reciprocity would not exist ” protracted “for a long time.

Delta outbreak in Australia, infections date back

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Upward trend of infections also in Australia, where in the last 24 hours there was a peak of daily cases: 1,756. Almost all of the newly infected, 1,533, are in New South Wales, where there are also four deaths. The Australian state is still attempting to quell a Delta variant outbreak that occurred in mid-June. “The general trend is a slow and steady increase. This is why vaccination is so important, as well as following the rules,” Brett Sutton, Victoria’s chief of health care, said at a news conference. Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, which together are home to nearly 60% of the 25 million Australians, have been subjected to a rigorous lockdown for weeks.

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