Tourism, reopening still in doubt. Bonaccini no to Covid free islands

Tourism, reopening still in doubt. Bonaccini no to Covid free islands
Tourism, reopening still in doubt. Bonaccini no to Covid free islands
The complete restart of economic activities still remains an unknown. The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza in an interview with Republic says no to reopen on April 20 and moves the reopenings to May, while Stefano Bonaccini rejects the idea of ​​creating free Covid islands to relaunch tourism. Proposal that instead pleases the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, who would like to reopen everything by June 2, Republic Day, vaccination campaign permitting.

in the meantime Massimiliano Fedriga, new president of the State-Regions Conference pushes to speed up times. “If in the next few days a plan is made to reopen some activities, I think it is the correct way. If you want to keep everything locked up for another month, you risk losing the battle against the virus”.

Bonaccini against covid-free islands

“I hope that the Minister of Tourism will immediately reject the proposal of ‘Covid free islands’. There can be no privileged tourist resorts at the expense of others”, writes the president of the Emilia Romagna region on Facebook, looking at the acceleration of vaccinations in many smaller Italian islands following the example of the Greek archipelagos.

“Right now we have to show the country that there is fairness. Don’t create social tensions, but give the same rules everywhere. The less there are inequalities, even if not everyone will be satisfied, the less there are tensions”, replies Fedriga on this aspect.

The interview

Covid, Hope: “Over 60 vaccinated by June. Recalls after 42 days for Pfizer and Moderna “

by Tommaso Ciriaco

April 11, 2021

Bonaccini, now that he is no longer president of the State-Regions Conference and is free from institutional constraints, confronts the League minister directly and takes the field to defend the Romagna tourism sector. Thus he launches a clear message to Garavaglia who will participate today in an online event organized by the Rimini Fair. “Rather, the government works to ensure that as many doses as possible arrive to vaccinate in the shortest possible time and work for the vaccination passport, with the same rules for all at European level”, adds the president of Emilia Romagna.

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April 11, 2021

Garavaglia: we plan the reopening

Garavaglia, on the other hand, in an interview with The print, on the subject of reopening, he says: “You have to be very cautious. This does not mean that you shouldn’t plan. There are activities that need weeks if not months in advance to plan the opening”. As for the green pass for traveling, the minister adds: “Europe’s times are not yet certain, we are talking about June 15. In our opinion, we need to anticipate a bit to ensure circulation at the right times and to plan the summer season. Islands free Covid? It can be done and it is also appropriate to do it because if others do it and we do not, the disadvantage will become enormous “.

Garavaglia thus relaunches the proposal he had launched last week. “Greece – said the owner of Tourism – has many small islands and for that reason it is moving in that direction, we could do it. The point is to create mechanisms for which it is simple to circulate”. To create the corridors of Covid free islands “we spoke with the ministers Giovannini and Speranza – said Garavaglia – and there is an open table to get to have protocols and simple and safe circulation methods in our country, the management it seems clear enough. ”

The small Italian islands start vaccination

The idea was liked locally. “TO Lampedusa and Linosa mass vaccination in view of the summer “, announced the mayor of Lampedusa, Salvatore Martello. “Between Lampedusa and Linosa we are 6500 inhabitants: Linosa has always been Covid-free because it has never had any case of positivity in all this period, while in Lampedusa someone has been infected”. And from today also to Lipari in Aeolian Islands opens a vaccination hub.

The free-Covid islands are also popular in Tuscany, where a blanket administration plan for the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago was requested by May. A mission within reach, given the small number of inhabitants, about 35,000 people Most, 32,000 live on the Island of Elba, the largest reality of the Tuscan archipelago, and the rest in the remaining six, including Giglio and Capraia

The Aeolian Covid free operation is triggered: vaccination hub in Lipari

by Giusi Spica

April 10, 2021

Also there Campania region took into consideration the hypothesis of giving priority to vaccinations for operators in the tourism sector. For this the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, who, for the occasion, in recent days had met together with the Councilor for Education, Lucia Fortini, and the Councilor for Administrative Simplification and Tourism, Felice Casucci, the mayors of Ischia “to lay the foundations for a tourist restart safe in the islands of the Gulf of Naples “.

Mass vaccinations in Ischia and Procida, the start is delayed

April 10, 2021

Salvini insists on reopening soon and all

A distance comparison in the majority in which it also inserts Matteo Salvini than in an interview with Newspaper insists on reopening soon and everything says: “The closures alone are not enough, it is now evident. – says the leader of the League – We must multiply our efforts for vaccines, starting to produce them also in Italy, and prepare to use other drugs too if they work, like Sputnik. I am talking about reopening in cities where the health situation has been under control and has been improving for days “.

“President Draghi shares the need to return as soon as possible to a normal life, to a school, to a normal job”, adds Salvini. As for Speranza “we can no longer manage healthcare with an ideological approach. It seems clear that there have been very serious errors on the part of the previous government, and the news of investigations against Arcuri gives further confirmation”, continues the leader of the Northern League.

“I find the attitude of those in government incomprehensible and behaving as if they were in opposition, with the ill-concealed goal of collecting a few votes on the real difficulties of many people – replies Speranza – Salvini is in government, but behaves like were in opposition. We must not sell illusions. ”

As mentioned, the Minister of Health on Republic he brakes on the request to reopen everything as of April 20: “I think that in April we should still keep the utmost caution. But I also believe that in the coming weeks the intersection between the effect of the measures of the red zones and the simultaneous significant increase in administration vaccines will enable us to look to the future with reasoned confidence. A future we are already working on “. In short, Speranza summarizes, “there will be a better summer”, but we are far from ‘free all’.

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