Covid-19 cases are growing in ASL Roma 6 with 1 death and 88 recovered. In Ciampino and Pomezia infections are on the rise

The Weekly Bulletin of ASL Roma 6 has been published for the week from 26 July to 1 August 2021.

The current positives are 1.299 with 351 more cases than last week. Only 1 death e 88 healings, no deaths were recorded in the past week. Among other data there are also 27 births at the Castelli hospital and 3,522 swabs processed. Cases also rise in Ardea (from 52 to 91), in Frascati (from 55 to 68), in Lariano (from 3 to 8 cases), in Nettuno (from 29 to 53) and in Velletri (from 25 to 57).

Despite the almost absence of deaths, Covid-19 cases continue to rise. To remain in first position for the number of positives are the municipalities of Ciampino with 232 cases (191 cases in the last bulletin) e Pomezia with 166 cases (132 cases in the last bulletin).

“We recommend prudence and respect for distancing in order not to send in vain the sacrifices made by everyone in work and in social life”, let the ASL know.


Covid19 cases growing ASL Roma death recovered Ciampino Pomezia infections rise

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