Covid Tuscany 2 August: 452 new infections – Chronicle

Covid Tuscany 2 August: 452 new infections – Chronicle
Covid Tuscany 2 August: 452 new infections – Chronicle

Florence, 2 August 2021 – 452 out of 6,014 tests of which 4,903 molecular swabs and 1,111 rapid tests are the new cases of coronavirus in Tuscany. Like every day the president Eugenio Giani anticipates the main data of the regional bulletin on the progress of the Covid pandemic. The rate of the new positives it is 7.52% (15.1% on first diagnoses). A very clear leap forward, but quite normal after a public holiday. In his post on Facebook, Giani points out that “70% of Tuscans over 12 received the first dose of the vaccine”.

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On Sunday 1 August, there were 702 new cases of covid, with a positive rate on the first swabs at 11%. For a comparison with the previous Sunday, Sunday 26 July the new positives were 361.

The contagion map

There are 70,254 total cases to date in Florence (132 more than yesterday), 23,316 in Prato (45 more), 23,635 in Pistoia (37 more), 13,654 in Massa (12 more), 26,006 in Lucca (59 more), 30,110 in Pisa (39 more), 18,185 in Livorno (69 more), 23,434 in Arezzo (25 more), 14,377 in Siena (28 more), 9,601 in Grosseto (6 more). 555 positive cases were reported in Tuscany, but residing in other regions.

The hospitalizations

One of the parameters that is followed the most in this period, and which can determine a change in the colors of a region, concerns hospitalizations. As of Monday 2 August, the situation sees 159 ordinary hospitalizations for covid throughout Tuscany and 20 people in intensive care. In about two weeks the hospitalizations doubled: on July 17 the hospitalizations were 80.

Average age of new infections

The average age of 452 new positives today is approximately 34 years (26% are under 20, 40% between 20 and 39, 25% between 40 and 59, 6% between 60 and 79, 3% have 80 years or older).

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