Covid returns to Wuhan: first infections after months. USA, record of hospitalizations in Florida

Covid returns to Wuhan: first infections after months. USA, record of hospitalizations in Florida
Covid returns to Wuhan: first infections after months. USA, record of hospitalizations in Florida

Beijing, August 2, 2021 – Il Covid knocks again on the doors of Wuhan, the Chinese metropolis from which the pandemic started almost two years ago. After months of zero infection, seven migrant workers tested positive and were sent to designated hospitals for related treatment. The communication is official and comes from the authorities of the Hubei capital, where the new Coronavirus was first identified at the end of 2019. The infection started from one of the migrant workers who infected six other colleagues, like him waiting for the train in a station on July 27th. All the infected were immediately isolated, disinfection carried out, while epidemiological investigations are underway. The authorities have urged compliance with anti-Covid rules, including the use of the mask in public, distancing and washing hands frequently.

Also in China, 98 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded on Sunday, one of the highest official data – on a daily level – of 2021. The internal cases, out of the 98 total, are 55. The Delta variant it has now reached about twenty cities, including Beijing. New restrictions activated immediately: the opening of schools in the capital has been postponed. Hunan Province has announced the suspension of all educational activities and training programs, asking students and teachers to avoid traveling unnecessarily.


Give it United States, meanwhile, the news of the record of hospitalizations in Florida bounces. The previous record was more than a year ago, on 23 July 2020, six months before the first vaccines were administered. There are 10,207 people currently hospitalized with confirmed cases of Coronavirus, the Associated Press reports. On 23 July 2020, it was 10,170. In the past week, Florida has recorded an average of 1,525 admissions per day for the adult population and 35 daily pediatric admissions. In both cases it is the highest per capita rate in the United States, according to Jason Salemi, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of South Florida.

The pandemic continues its inexorable advance in India: 40,134 new cases and 422 deaths registered in the last 24 hours. This has resulted in almost 31.7 million infections and 424,773 victims since the beginning of the pandemic.

New infections halved in 48 hours, but still high, a Tokyo, city of the Olympics, where 2,195 new cases are reported. A lower figure than yesterday’s 3,058 and Saturday’s 4,058. With today there are 14 consecutive days above a thousand cases in Tokyo. On Friday, Japan extended the “state of emergency” to some areas near Tokyo and Osaka prefecture.

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