Covid deaths in Trentino: from March to today 157 victims, 128 were not vaccinated (but 5 had received the double dose) – News

Covid deaths in Trentino: from March to today 157 victims, 128 were not vaccinated (but 5 had received the double dose) – News
Covid deaths in Trentino: from March to today 157 victims, 128 were not vaccinated (but 5 had received the double dose) – News

TRENTO. Among the 157 victims that Covid has claimed since last March, 128 did not have any vaccination coverage. In 24 they could count on the incomplete cycle. While 5 deaths had completed the vaccination cycle. All over eighty with other diseases in addition to the virus.

After the institutional appeal of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, on Wednesday (“vaccination is a moral and civic duty”), the data of the Healthcare Company also arrive to provide convincing elements even to the most skeptical. Antonio Ferro he specifies it openly: “I hope these numbers can be a stimulus for people who have not yet been vaccinated.”

The numbers confirm what – beyond specious controversies and clashes over phantom health dictatorships – should be a simple reality understandable to all: the vaccine does not guarantee invulnerability, especially for people already in difficult health conditions, but it breaks down drastically the risks for everyone, limiting not only the number of infections in absolute terms, but the seriousness of the consequences for those who are affected by the infection in any case,

To confirm this, other data: those on hospitalizations in July, as Antonio Ferro explains: «Since the beginning of the month, 17 people have had to resort to hospital treatment due to Covid. Of these 12 had received no vaccine dose, 2 were covered by an incomplete course and 3 by a full course. These are figures, data, a photograph that makes it clear how important the role of vaccination coverage is, not to eliminate the virus completely immediately: this is not what we can ask of vaccines, if that were what puzzles most people. doubtful. The role of vaccines is that, fundamental and evident already now, of limiting the scope of the virus “.

Therefore, if in the case of deaths, the mortality from March onwards concerns 81.5% of the unvaccinated, speaking of hospitalizations, 70.5% are unvaccinated in the hospital. The general manager of the health company then explains – to make it even clearer how important it is to protect oneself and others through vaccination – how in the case of vaccinated patients the effects were certainly not comparable to those of people who were hospitalized only a few months ago: «The fact that most patients are discharged after a few days after having had to deal with a non-severe situation, is another confirmation of the extremely protective nature of the vaccine. At the moment there are 6 people who are in hospital in Trentino ».

Ferro explains how these data are important “to make it clear to those who have not yet done so, that proceeding with the vaccination is essential in view of the coming months. An invitation that I address above all to those over 50 who have not yet responded to the invitation to vaccinate. In order to finally be able to continue moving forward along the virtuous path that will lead us to leave the pandemic behind us, it is essential that everyone protects themselves, in order to prevent the onset of serious forms of contagion and, consequently, to limit mortality.

The urgency to accelerate decisively with the vaccination campaign was also sanctioned yesterday by the latest surveys of the Bimbe foundation which confirmed the trend already observed in recent days and which sees Trentino in last place in Italy for percentage of population vaccinated with complete cycle: at the moment, with yesterday’s data, in the province 46.5% of the population is covered by the vaccine, compared to the national average of 53%. , 9% of the population) and above all looking at the age group most exposed to risk, that of the over eighty where those covered by vaccine represent 94.4% (more virtuous only Veneto, Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia and Lombardy).

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