Monza and Brianza: in 14 months of epidemic it is as if Correzzana had disappeared

Monza and Brianza: in 14 months of epidemic it is as if Correzzana had disappeared

There are official and “unofficial” data dictated by the surge in mortality in the area: the result is an estimate of about 3 thousand Covid victims in Monza and Brianza in 14 months. As if Correzzana had disappeared.

From March 2020 to May 2021: for now, these are the official data available for Italy and for the province of Monza and Brianza. But the official data are two: those of the deaths “recognized” for the consequences of Covid and those that tell of the extraordinary surge in deaths since last spring.

And then it is worthwhile to cross those figures, to say that one fact is evident: in sixteen months of a world pandemic, the province has seen the entire Corezzana die. That is one of the smallest municipalities in the Brianza area, but an entire municipality: it must be thought of this way, the entire Correzzana put in a coffin in a handful of months which corresponds to just over a year. The data, then: if we stop at the data of the Lombardy Region, the deaths from the consequences of Covid 19 from March 2020 to today have been 2,528, up by one on Monday 27 July. But then there are the statistics, which record the surge in deaths in the last year and a half and beyond.

From January to May in the five-year period 2015-2019 an average of 3,407 deaths per year was reported in Brianza. In the same period of 2021 (when, however, the healthcare approach was already more aware) there were 3,911, i.e. 504 more than previously. It is not an indifferent number. If you look at the whole of 2020, from January to December, in Brianza there were 10,433 deaths in absolute terms against an average of 7,869 deaths in the previous five-year period. The difference is 2,564 deaths, which added to the 504 more in 2021 reaches 3,068. The oscillation cannot be particularly large and the greater number is easily attributable to those who have paid the consequences of Covid: this is demonstrated by the direct testimonies, to the Citizen, of the doctors who have ascertained the deaths without being able to resort to swabs or other tests.

Result: a badly estimated 3 thousand is the number of deaths delivered to Covid by Brianza from March to today. Which statistically correspond to Correzzana in terms of inhabitants. Here: if Brianza has paid a pledge to the pandemic, it can be calculated as follows, thinking that the virus has killed the entire Correzzana.


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