hacker attack on regional Ced

01 August 2021 12:29

Systems deactivated, including all those of the Salute Lazio portal and the vaccination network. The postal police will open an investigation to understand the “matrix” of the attack

Investigations started – The Postal Police, in agreement with the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, has initiated investigations into what has happened and will open an investigation. The opening of the file will be formalized in the next few hours, after an initial information will be deposited in piazzale Clodio. The prosecutors could proceed for unauthorized access to the computer system. The objective of the investigators is to understand the “matrix” of the attack and if there was any request for a ransom.

Zingaretti: “A very serious fact” – The Governor of the region, Nicola Zingaretti, also spoke on the matter. “Since tonight there has been a very heavy hacker attack against LazioCrea computer systems that manage vaccine reservations. A very serious fact, it blocks a fundamental service” he wrote on Facebook. “We apologize to the citizens for the inevitable inefficiencies. We reported the attack to the authorities and I thank all the employees who have been at work since tonight to defend the plant and to return to normal,” he added.

An unprecedented attack. All out – “It’s a very powerful, very serious hacker attack. It’s all out. The whole regional ced is under attack.” To say the regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato. “This is an unprecedented attack on the region’s computer system,” he added.


hacker attack regional Ced

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