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Pesaro, 1 August 2021 – “The vaccination campaign is going well but thethe goal is to exceed 80 percent of immunized people in all age groups“. Elisabetta Exposed, Asur director of the Vasta Area 1, comments on the current situation in Pesaro district. Seven municipalities under observation, of which three a little further back. I’m Tavullia, Gabicce Mare e Gradara. Here the vaccinated, at least with the first dose, slightly exceed 50%, numbers far from Pesaro, Vallefoglia, Mombaroccio e Montelabbate, all common around and above 60%. “Gradara – at 52.6% – has been recovering in recent periods, probably thanks to the vaccination point open on Saturdays, the continuous solicitations and the use of the Green pass (in force since 6, ed). We made the 5-6% more in a week “, continues Esposta, which has been monitoring the situation throughout the district for months.

In the last ‘vaccination session’ al Gradara sports hall have been administered 264 doses of Pfizer, Modern e Astrazeneca between prime and recall, of which 64 without appointment. In the family doctors, managers of the hub, also present Danilo De Santi, one of the coordinators of the four territorial teams of the Pesaro district: “In Gradara we are also starting to see young people, the influx is important. People also come from Gabicce e Tavullia. The no-appointment mode is very good for ‘picking up’ the undecided ” Gabicce Mare membership is around 53%but the problem is the 12-59 age group. Here we do not even reach 40% (42% in Gradara). “They need to increase the number of vaccinated people in the 12-59 year old group, who started later. But now we have all the reservations for young people”, explains Esposta.

The percentage of young people is ascending in Vallefoglia. In the 12-59 range I am the 51,6% to have already received a dose, seconds only to Pesaro which is al 53,8%. “Here several young people have recovered with the vaccination point managed by pediatricians”, says Esposta. Last Wednesday, opening day, they were administered 120 first doses and for this week there are 135 vaccines available. Important numbers also in view of the return to the stalls in just over a month. “I’m seeing that many young people are inclined to get vaccinated, I didn’t expect it,” continues De Santi. He, together with his team, went to homes months ago to vaccinate the most elderly and frail. For the over 60 in Pesaro it reaches 87.4%, slightly higher than the municipality of Vallefoglia (87.5%), followed by Montelabbate (85,9%), Mombaroccio (82,6%) e Gradara (80.8%). Under 80 percent of the over 60 population Gabicce Mare and Tavullia. “The remaining part is the hard core – concludes De Santi – It is difficult to recover them. If they did not do it in August after months of having the band open, it is because they do not want to do it or are undecided”.

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