Anti Covid vaccine, 220 thousand teachers and Ata without immunization: vaccination of school staff still at stake

The vaccination of school staff is proceeding very slowly. According to the latest data from the weekly report of the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, 15.06% of the staff (220,605 units) did not even get a dose of vaccine; last week the percentage was 15.17% (222,132).

82.12% of the staff received the first dose (seven days ago it was 82.06%), 79.27% ​​are vaccinated (with two doses or a single dose) (last week it was 78.78 %).

The differences at a territorial level are significant: 42.86% of the staff in Sicily have not yet had a dose of vaccine, 37.67% in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 34.77% in Liguria (data under verification due to a different report from the Region), 33.21% in Sardinia (these data are also being verified), 31.26% in Calabria.

Vaccinated COVID teachers and ATA, the numbers disclosed by the government are completely busted. Here because


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