Covid today Italy: Coronavirus infections in today’s bulletin. Veneto over a thousand cases

Covid today Italy: Coronavirus infections in today’s bulletin. Veneto over a thousand cases
Covid today Italy: Coronavirus infections in today’s bulletin. Veneto over a thousand cases

Rome, 30 July 2021 – Bulletin on the epidemic from Coronavirus in Italy. Updates of the Ministry of Health on Covid infections, currently positive, dead, cured and intensive care, while you give ISS monitoring data it has already been anticipated that almost all values ​​have risen in the last week (here the new parameters of the latest Covid Decree). L’indice Rt jumped a 1,57 (against 1.26 last Friday), while lweekly incidence every 100 thousand inhabitants reaches the threshold of 58 (against 41). And the transmissibility index based on cases with is also growing hospitalization: as at 20 July it is at 1.46 (range 1.38-1.55), compared to the previous week when it was 1.16.

Green pass and quarantines: the rules / New Ecdc map

And the green pass, “the tool that allows us to avoid new closures or setbacks”, declared the Undersecretary of Health, Andrera Costa. “It is clear – he continued – that we are asking for a further effort from citizens and operators and I believe that the government is ready to understand in these days what kind of corrective actions we can make to make its applicability more fluid and more correct “. In this sense,” I believe that we can evaluate the hypothesis ‘no green pass’ to restaurants inside hotels when restaurants offer an exclusive service to hotel guests – Costa detailed -. This is a topic that has also been strongly posed by trade associations and I think it is a topic on which it is worth reflecting. We have a few days to understand if we can give this type of answer “.

Covid, the July 30 bulletin

We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updates of the Ministry of Health and the table pdf.


Local news / Veneto

The new Covid in positives are back to exceed 1,000 in one day Veneto. In the last 24 hours they have been 1,043 cases of infections detected with the swabs, which were 42,282, for an incidence of 2.47%. The total number of infected since February 2020 thus rises to 435,954. Deaths, on the other hand, remained stable at 11,641. Presenting the data, President Luca Zaia noted that the mathematical model the Region relies on predicted that this week the increase in daily cases could even reach 1,500. Consequently, subjects in isolation also rise, 11,927, while hospital data continues to decline: the total number of hospitalized patients is 156 (-9), of which 139 (-8) in the medical area and 17 (-1) in therapy intensive.

In Tuscany I’m 720 new cases of Coronavirus on 13,506 swabs. This is what the President of the Region, Eugenio Giani, reports in a communication via social media. The positive rate is 5.33% of the total tests and 10.1% on the first diagnoses. For a direct comparison, 470 confirmed infections had been exactly seven days. The increase in positives compared to last Friday, therefore, stands at around 53%.

Tuscany, 16% of teachers did not get vaccinated. Boom among the twenties

Today in Puglia 11,859 tests for Covid infection were recorded and were detected 248 positive cases. No deaths were reported. The positivity rate in the Region rises to 2.1% compared to 1.3% yesterday. Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,885,860 tests have been carried out; 246,971 patients recovered; 2,159 are currently positive cases.

I’m 157 new cases of posotivity to Covid ascertained in the last 24 hours in Umbria, where there is one less hospitalization than yesterday: there are 16 in all, two of which (data unchanged) in intensive care. According to the data of the Region updated to July 30, the healed are 18 and there have been no other deaths (1,424 since the beginning of the pandemic). The currently positive are 1,586 (139 more than yesterday).

Twenty-seven Covid cases and 10 hospitalizations are registered today in South Tyrol. No deaths and 10 new positive cases, however, in Valle d’Aosta.

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